Associate Professor, Pure Mathematics
Year Started at JMU: 2011
Contact Info
Website: http://educ.jmu.edu/~osheaem

Research Description

My main interests are in integer partitions (esp. those described as lattice points in polyhedra) and in the (modern) axiomatics of (ancient and classical) geometries including Euclid's Elements and its progeny. My first background is in combinatorics, commutative algebra and combinatorial optimization.

  • PhD in Mathematics (Combinatorics), 2006, University of Washington
  • BS in Mathematics/Statistics, 2000, University College Cork, Ireland
Select Publications
  • "On the equivalence of Playfair's axiom to the parallel postulate", (with Brown, Castner*, Davis*, Seryozhenkov*, and Vargas*), Journal of Geometry, (2019) 110:42.
  • "Divisibility Tests Unified: Stacking the Trimmings for Sums", Mathematics Magazine 92(2), (2019) 128-135.
  • "The Refined Lecture Hall Theorem via Abacus Diagrams", (with Laura Bradford*, Meredith Harris*, Brant Jones, Alex Komarinski* and Carly Matson*), The Ramanujan Journal 34, (2014) 163-176. 
    *indicates undergraduate mentee

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