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"Leaders Are..."
On Exhibit: May 8th - September 14th

While our culture often defines leadership as interested mostly in power, true leaders might better be described as selfless, fearless, and resilient.  The Young Women's Leadership Program participants spent this year discussing and performing a variety of leadership qualities including strength, collaboration, and creativity.  The girls, all students at Thomas Harrison Middle School, captured images of leadership on iPads and smartphones.  We also included images of the girls taken by JMU students and faculty involved in this program that is sponsored by Big Brothers Big Sisters of Harrisonburg-Rockingham County.  Each image displays one of the eight tenants of leadership our group identified as vital to preparing future Shenandoah Valley leaders.

Brought to you by Big Brothers Big Sisters of Harrisonburg-Rockingham County, WRTC, and the Young Women's Leadership Project

Upcoming Exhibits

I-Week Photo Contest "Our Changing Climates: Everybody's Business"
On Exhibit: September 21st - November 2nd

Each year since 2000, International Week has brought with it the bonus of wondrous images from the cameras of students, faculty and staff and their journeys.  For some, the U.S. is an international experience.  View the best from I-Week 2018 with these winning photos and videos from around the globe and their visual slant on “Our Changing Climates: Everybody’s Business.”

The I-Week Photo Contest Exhibit is Sponsored by the Center for Global Engagement


Located in the lower level hallway of the Festival Conference and Student Center, Prism Gallery is dedicated to exhibiting works emphasizing aspects of diversity, including areas of culture, religion, gender and sexuality.


Prism Gallery is open during normal building hours:

Mon.-Sat. 8AM-12AM; Sun., 9AM-12AM


Non-JMU Visitor Metered Parking is now available across the street from Festival in Lot C12 behind the bus stop.

Want to Exhibit in Prism Gallery?

Prism Gallery is a public gallery space dedicated to exhibiting works emphasizing aspects of diversity, including areas of culture, religion, gender and sexuality. Prism is managed by the staff of the Madison Art Collection, who welcome the submission of exhibitions curated by faculty, students, clubs and off-campus organizations. Prism is dedicated to expressing the values upheld by the Madison Art Collection and by James Madison University, specifically to foster an informed appreciation of the rich diversity of the human experience. Prism strives to present works of art that encourage visitors to consider issues pertaining to diversity, injustice, understanding, and artistic expression.

Exhibition Proposal Form

Exhibition Policy:

Due the nature of the Prism Gallery space, there are certain restrictions that must be placed on exhibitions. Because the gallery is in a public space without the standard security and environmental controls that are standard when displaying objects of value, exhibition submissions may not include original artworks. Only non-original pieces will be accepted.

Works of art must fit the specific dimensions of the gallery frames, which have a mat dimension of 11x14”. Photographs can be black-and-white or in color and must be a minimum of 300 DPI.

Curators must submit a minimum of twenty-one (21) pieces to be reviewed and approved. Curators may submit up to thirty (30) works, but only twenty-one (21) will be selected to be displayed. Prism uses a suspended cable system to display works in gallery frames that are black metal with a white mat. At the end of the exhibition’s duration, all submitted works will be returned to curators. 

Curators should submit up to two (2) 13 x 19” text panels. These should include the exhibition title, dates, curator, supporting organization(s), and 1-2 paragraphs of text about the exhibition. Text panels should be mounted on foam core and should comply with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards regarding signage. If there are any questions regarding signage, please ask Madison Art Collection staff.

Curators are also permitted to show a 5-30 minute video that will be played on the monitor in the gallery stairwell. Any videos must be submitted in mp4 format.

Exhibits are displayed for at least a month but may remain in Prism Gallery for up to three months.  Exhibition duration is based upon the demand for the space and the desire of the curator.

Content Restrictions:

The Madison Art Collection takes special consideration when regarding the content of the Prism Showcase exhibitions. Because the gallery is in a public space, sexually explicit and graphically violent content will not be accepted.


Upon exhibition approval, curators will be contacted and given a general schedule of deadlines. As soon as possible after an exhibition is approved, the Madison Art Collection will meet with the curator(s) for a design meeting.

The following is a typical timeline for a single exhibition:

  • Minimum three (3) months from opening:
    • Design meeting
  • Two (2) months from opening:
    • Submission of checklist of exhibition objects (including images and descriptions), along with rough draft of any exhibition text to the Madison Art Collection for review and approval
  • One (1) month from opening:
    • Final exhibition text sent to Print Shop by curators. No further changes to text or checklist
  • Two (2) weeks from opening:
    • Delivery of text panels and exhibition objects
  • One (1) week from opening:
    • Installation of exhibition objects into Prism Showcase frames by Madison Art Collection staff
  • Three (3) days from opening:
    • Final exhibition walk through with curator(s) and Madison Art Collection staff

Exhibition Proposal Form

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