On March 5, 2021 Madison Trust was presented on Zoom for our philanthropic investors. Portions of the event were streamed for a broader audience, and a replay of that webcast is provided here.

Note that these projects are still eligible to receive funding from individual donors. To support them with a gift of any amount, use the project title link to contribute online by March 10, 2022.

Project Updates

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06:28 Introduction
Nick Langridge, Vice-President of University Advancement

10:32 Madison Trust Impact
Jonathan R. Alger, President
 of James Madison University

16:13 About Our Event
John Meck, Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations

2021 Madison Trust Projects

20:00 Wellness 360 
Sharon Maiewski and Erika Sawin | An expansion of the Homeless Suitcase Clinic allowing students to be partnered with homeless individuals to work towards getting healthy and staying healthy. This includes developing an individualized health care plan with a holistic approach encompassing everything from improving dental hygeine to eating plans for diabetes management.

43:00 Madison Community Consultants
Nicholas Swartz and Katherine Chiu | Development of a training program for students to assist local small businesses and non-profits in developing efficiencies and modifying their business models in response to the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. Focus is on short-term projects specific to the needs of the individual business including e-commerce development to minimize customer contact or online fundraising for non-profits.

1:16:30 MeshSAT Wireless Satellites for Network in Low Earth Orbit
Jonathan Spindel and Brian Cage | Development and launch of a constellation of small low Earth orbit satellites to provide customers with access to a low-cost, reliable wireless network, while reducing operating costs and onboard power requirements.

1:32:32 Trash to Treasure 2Sustainable Waste to Sustainable Building Material and Precious Plastics: Sustainable Solutions for Plastic Waste Problems
Jared Stoltzfus Phase II of a prior Madison Trust project focused on repurposing styrofoam, which has few recycling options, into an energy efficient and environmentally friendly home building material. While Phase I experienced delays with equipment issues and the pandemic, Phase II has built on that experience and is working with a local contractor to develop a competitive and marketable product. | Only 9% of plastic is ever recycled and this statistic has dropped since China stopped importing plastic in 2017. This project's aim is to develop a process for recycling plastic that both minimizes production costs and eliminates the need to sort by plastic types, while also developing new markets for recycled plastics.

3:25:29 Global Learning Experiences for Student Well-Being
Felix Wang and Jennifer Wiley | Development of a training module for use across multiple disciplines that prepares students to collaborate and innovate across a variety of cultures globally. This module will also leverage a multi-media approach based on recent pandemic experience.

3:48:50 BizLab @ JMU, Phase 2
Abagail Christophel | Phase II of a prior Madison Trust project focused on experiential learning for JMU students while meeting the digital needs of local small business. This phase will focus on streamlining processes and services developed in Phase I with the goal of becoming self-sustaining. The BizLab utilizes the skills of graphic designers and web developers to develop e-Commerce templates and style guides for small business customers.

4:20:43 Africa Medical Supply Chain Experiential Learning Project
Bill Ritchie | Funding requested is to expand and formalize a supply chain arrangement where used durable medical equipment, which can not be reused, recycled or easily disposed of in the US, is warehoused and then shipped in bulk to multiple African nations.

4:45:45 Collaborative Pedagogies Across the Curriculum: Imagining Justice 
Emily York and Shannon Conley | Development of creative approaches to teaching and learning through engagement of experts from multiple and varied disciplines, specifically focusing on the concept and understanding of justice.

Call the Midwife: Piloting an In-Home Model of Prenatal Care by a Solo Midwife
Heather Soper
 | Pilot program matching a student nurse with a pregnant patient both prenatal and post-partum, delivering care to the patient in-home to reduce their potential exposures during the COVID-19 pandemic. This program also provides the student exposure in nurse midwifery which they would not experience in a clinical environment.

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