Keynote Speaker Maureen Metcalf, MBA

Maureen Metcalf

JMU College of Business Alumna, Ms. Maureen Metcalf will be our special guest and keynote speaker at this year's New Student Orientation and Welcome Dinner! Ms. Metcalf is a highly sought after executive advisor, author, and speaker, with over 30 years of business experience in orgranizational transformation. After earning her undergraduate degree in economics from JMU (1984), Ms. Metcalf went on to earn a MBA from Virginia Polytechnic Institute. Ms. Metcalf founded Metcalf & Associates in 2001, a consulting firm based in Columbus, Ohio. Metcalf & Associates is a renowned consulting firm, specializing in management consulting, executive advisory services, coaching and development. Insightssuccess.com recognized Metcalf & Associates as one of the Top 50 Fastest Growing Consultant Companies in 2016.

Tentative Schedule




1:30 pm New Student Orientation  Lakeview Hall 1102
1:30 pm Head shots, group photos, mingling Lakeview Hall 1102
2:00 Dr. Ford and Brooke will welcome new students, share information about SSLS and JMU,discuss program expectations of students, and more. New students will have a chance to introduce themselves and ask any questions they may have about SSLS and JMU. A current student and alum will also speak to incoming students. Lakeview Hall 1102
3:45 pm Faculty join for concentration breakout sessions Lakeview Hall 1102
4:00 pm Current Students and Alumni Join Lakeview Hall Lobby
4:15 pm Group Photos and Professional Portraits Newman Lake, weather permitting
5:00 pm Welcome Dinner Location: Lakeview Hall 1104
Opening Remarks, Mary Gowan or Mike Busing 
Keynote Speaker, Maureen Metcalf
Lakeview Hall 1104
6:00 pm Student & Alumni Concentration Breakout Sessions Lakeview Hall 1104

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