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Dr. David Kirkpatrick is an Associate Academic Unit Head and Associate Professor of Religion. He is a scholar of religion and politics focusing on the intersection of Latin America and the United States. Formerly, Dr. Kirkpatrick was the T. Gannon Postdoctoral Associate in American Religious History at Florida State University and Teaching Fellow in World Christianity at the University of Edinburgh. He currently serves on the steering committee of the American Academy of Religion (World Christianity Unit) and the Executive council of the American Society of Church History (American Historical Association). Dr. Kirkpatrick teaches a variety of courses on religious studies, civil rights movements, and religion and politics in the Americas.




Blood and Borders: Violence and the Origins of the 'Global War on Christians' (forthcoming)

A Gospel for the Poor: Global Social Christianity and the Latin American Evangelical Left (2019)

Global Visions of Violence: Agency and Persecution in World Christianity (co-edited with Jason Bruner)

"The Historiographical Sweep of Latin American Evangelicalism" (forthcoming)

"Beneath the United States: Global Crime, Decolonization, and Evangelicals of Color" (forthcoming)

"The Origins of Misión Integral in Post-War Latin America” In Global Voices: What Is Integral Mission?" (2021)

"Globally many evangelicals lean left: what that means for America's future" (2019)

"Reforming Fundamentalism in Latin America: Power, Politics and Paternalism in Univeridad Biblica Latinoamericana" (2019)

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