Healthy Kids

PHOTO: group of kids and staff in a gym

Healthy Kids is a weekly program that teaches children, ages 3 to 4, basic nutrition concepts (e.g., "Fruits are Good for our Hearts", "Protein Builds Strong Muscles", and "Healthy Snacks Keep Us Full") and provides developmental opportunities in many fundamental motor skills (e.g., running, hopping, sliding, kicking) through age-appropriate, fun, and engaging activities.

Spring 2022 Program:

During the Spring 2022 semester, the MBC Healthy Kids Committee will be partnering with JMU’s own Young Children’s Program. The Young Children’s Program is a local preschool located on JMU’s campus. The MBC’s Healthy Kids committee will be working with the four-year-old classrooms to deliver weekly physical activity and nutrition lessons. The students will also go home with information about how their parents can help reinforce a healthy active lifestyle. Our goals are to help your children learn about fundamental motor skills and basic nutrition at school and at home! 

We can’t wait to get started on a semester full of learning and fun!

Check out pictures from a few of our past semesters: