Coaching Minor - Program of Study

The 21-credit minor in coaching education consists of 6 courses plus a 3-credit capstone experience. The requirements are distributed as follows:

Core Requirements (18 credits)

Course Credits Offered
ATEP 205 Introduction to Athletic Training 3 Fall/Spring
KIN 202 Biological Foundations of Kinesiology 3 Fall/Spring/Summer
KIN 205 Introduction to Coaching (co-req/pre-req KIN 202) 3 Fall/Spring
KIN 353 Maximizing Sport Performance 3 Fall only
KIN 425 Concepts of Strength and Conditioning (pre-req KIN/HTH 100 & KIN 202) 3 Fall/Spring/Summer
KIN 450 Principles of Coaching Methods (pre-req KIN 205) 3 Fall/ Spring

Capstone (3 credits)

Course Credits Offered
KIN 473 Internship in Coaching 3 Fall/Spring/Summer

Additional Requirements

In addition to the curriculum requirements, student must: