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The James Madison Undergraduate Research Journal promotes, publishes, and shares research and scholarship by undergraduate students in all JMU disciplines in both text- and media-based formats. JMURJ defines research and scholarship broadly: if JMU stdents write, design, build, perform, or create it at JMU, it falls under the big JMURJ umbrella, and we work to help them share it.

JMURJ is a student-run, peer-reviewed academic journal. Through six years and almost five volumes, the students on the JMURJ Editorial Board have worked with undergraduate researchers and scholars from over 40 JMU disciplines and have collaborated with over 200 JMU faculty reviewers. This coming Fall 2018 semester, a number of JMURJ-related course and credit opportunities are available:

WRTC 454 Publication Management seminar/Honors Credit (Tu/Th 12:30-1:45). 3 credits
MyMadison Course Notes: This course prepares students to edit and publish a scholarly journal, and includes hands-on practice with JMU’s Undergraduate Research Journal (JMURJ). Students will practice comprehensive editing, workflow management, and collaboration with authors and reviewers. Includes an introduction to research methods, genres, and styles across disciplines; basic layout and design principles; editing tools, references, and software; and copyright and fair use policies. Students who complete the course may apply for membership on the JMURJ Editorial Board. To learn more about JMURJ, go to Contact Professor Kurt Schick ( for more information and to request permission to register for the course.

The WRTC 454 Publication Management course counts toward WRTC TSC elective requirements and JMU general elective credit. As a Designated Honors Option course, it also counts toward Honors elective requirements. Interested students may also inquire about how the course can be applied toward the Honors Area of Emphasis experiential seminar requirement for all AoEs, or toward your specific major or minor requirements.
WRTC 328 JMURJ Practicum/Honors Credit (Tu/Th 12:30-1:45). 3 credits
MyMadison Course Notes: The James Madison Undergraduate Research Journal is a student-run, peer-reviewed, double-blind academic journal dedicated to promoting, publishing, and sharing the excellent research and scholarship created by JMU undergraduate students in every JMU field of study. 

The Fall 2018 JMURJ practicum is open to students ready to apply their editing, design, and marketing knowledge. If you are a JMURJ Editorial Board veteran and want to build on your experience, this is your course. If you have training as a consultant--you love helping people communicate their ideas to a wider audience--or training as an editor within a particular field of study, or across a bunch of disciplines, this is probably your course (you might check out WRTC 454 Publication Management). If you have particular skills as a designer or marketer (and want to work closely on a creator-client basis in the fall), this is definitely your course. 

To learn more about JMURJ, go to Contact Professor Kevin Jefferson ( for more information and to request permission to register for the course.
The WRTC 328 JMURJ Practicum counts for WRTC elective credit or general elective credit; as a Designated Honors Option course, it can also be applied toward the Honors practicum requirement for all Honors Areas of Emphasis (provided you have already satisfied your AoE Experiential Seminar requirement). Contact Kevin ( for more information and to request permission to register for the course.

JMURJ Editorial Internship
Contact Kevin Jefferson ( to express interest in this opportunity or to learn more. It's a good thing, according to one current intern: “You end up doing a bit of everything and in the process get a good perspective on the kind of work involved in running a successful publication.” 

JMURJ Design Internship
Contact Kevin Jefferson to express interest in this opportunity or to learn more. We need a designer (or designers)! JMURJ needs help with the professional layouts, graphic art, and website design necessary for an online, multi-disciplinary, multimedia academic journal. Applicants should be familiar with InDesign (we can supply/loan access to the Adobe Creative Cloud). Other skills--from Canva to Cascade, and everything in between--are a plus.

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