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Students who enroll in JMURJ courses join the James Madison Undergraduate Research Journal Editorial Board. JMURJ editors collaborate to promote, publish, and share undergraduate scholarship and research from all JMU disciplines

JMURJ defines scholarship and research broadly: if you’ve written, designed, built, performed, or created it at JMU, it falls under the big JMURJ umbrella.

JMURJ therefore seeks editors from all JMU fields who can contribute their interest and expertise as they develop and apply their different skills. Editors collaborate within and across teams, coordinating the efforts of students, faculty, and administrators in a university-wide effort to advance JMU undergraduate scholarship, research, and intellectual work. 

Board members work within and across teams as they develop particular sets of skills:

  • Editing team editors comprehensively edit text- and media-based submissions from disciplines across the university, collaborate with undergraduate researchers and scholars, and coordinate the efforts of faculty reviewers
  • Design team editors use the Adobe Creative Cloud and other software platforms to design layouts and art for publication in online and print formats
  • Marketing/Outreach team editors collaborate with university stakeholders, develop publicity initiatives, and create funding opportunities
  • College and department liaisons (an option designed for students interested in the 1-credit practicum) assist in the efforts described above as they focus on networking/sharing JMURJ with students and faculty in their specific areas of expertise.

HON 300: JMURJ is available as 3-credit seminar or a 1-3 credit practicum. The course is open to all JMU undergraduates and may be repeated for credit.

Honors students can apply HON 300: JMURJ toward all experiential seminar and practicum requirements in all Honors Areas of Emphasis (Creativity, Global Studies, Leadership, Research, and Service).

Entry into the course requires instructor consent. Click here for more information and letter of interest instructions, and contact Kevin Jefferson ( with any questions.

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