Madison Future Commission Town Halls

As a way to expand the reach of the work being done by the Madison Future Commission, strategic planning town hall-style meetings were scheduled in the early spring of 2013. These meetings provided another avenue to collect feedback from the JMU community (students, faculty and staff, alumni, and the Harrisonburg community) to supplement the work of the committees.

Town Hall Meeting Schedule


March 21st OR April 11th-Preferred for Neighbors/Residents and City/County/Public Service*
Harrisonburg City Council Chambers, 409 S. Main Street, Harrisonburg, VA
Parking beside and behind the Municipal Building

April 4th or April 17th-Preferred for Non-Profits, Businesses and Civic/Fraternal/Veteran Groups*
Memorial Hall Auditorium, 395 S. High Street, Harrisonburg, VA
Parking in front and beside Memorial Hall

Faculty and Staff

Feb. 7, 2-3PM; Grafton-Stoval Theatre

Feb. 11, 10-11AM; Festival Highlands Room


Graduate Students: Feb. 11, 6PM; Miller Auditorium

Feb. 20, 5:30PM; Taylor 306

Feb. 22, 2:30PM; Taylor 306

Mar. 11, 8PM; Transitions

Mar. 26, 7PM; Taylor 306

Apr. 10, 7PM; Festival Highlands Room


Apr. 7

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