The Madison Future Commission is comprised of over 150 members of the JMU and surrounding community,
who are participating in the most sweeping and intensive strategic planning process since the Centennial Commission in 1998.

University Planning Team 2013-14

This team assists and supports the president and his executive leadership
team by guiding the planning process at JMU, including the development and maintenance of the
university's strategic plan and effective communication of plans and the planning process. 


Academic Affairs:
Kevin Caran
Corinne Diop
Teresa Gonzalez
Linda Halpern
Ken Newbold

Administration & Finance:
Dale Hulvey
Rick Larson
Towana Moore
Geoff Polglase
Diane Stamp

Access & Enrollment Management:
Lisa Tumer

Student Affairs & University Planning:
Brian Charette, Chair
Frank Doherty
Tina Grace
Jim McConnel
Eric Nickel

University Advancement:
Andy Perrine
Sheila Smith

JMU Community Representatives for 2013-14:
David McGraw, Speaker, Faculty Senate
Christina Landes and Kristin Gibson, Chairs, Employee Advisory Council
Jake Jedlicka, President, Student Government Association

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