Madison Future Commission Prep Teams

The Internal Analysis Team and the Environmental Scan Team were charged with laying the groundwork for the future efforts of the five key MFC committees. The teams’ work will be complete when each submits its final report on February 15, 2013.

Internal Analysis Team

This MFC prep team will study vision, values, and internal concerns related to the university’s future.

On February 1, the team submitted its final Vision & Values Report to the University Planning Team. The report was the result of extensive research, interviews, focus groups and surveys to gather the JMU community’s views on vision and values. President Alger and the senior leadership team will consider the resulting report in developing a new university vision statement and values matrix.

Supervising Division Head: Nick Langridge - Vice President, University Advancement
Sharon Lovell - Interim Dean, College of Health and Behavioral Studies
Rick Larson - Assistant Vice President, Human Resources, Training, & Performance


Dave Barnes - Director, University Unions

Christy Bradburn - Senior Assistant Director, Admissions

David Brakke - Dean, College of Science and Mathematics

Art Dean - Special Assistant to the President for Diversity

Don Egle - Director, Public Affairs

Scott Gallagher - College of Business

Bob Jerome - College of Business

John Knight - Associate Vice President for Finance

Howard Lubert - College of Arts and Letter/Political Science

Marsha Mays-Bernard - Associate Vice President for Multicultural Awareness & Student Health

Michael McCleve - Associate Director, Dux Center

Meg Mulrooney - University Studies/History

J.W. Myers - Associate Vice President for Academic Resources

Jennifer Phillips - Assistant Athletic Director, Compliance

Roger Soenksken - Faculty, School of Media Arts and Design

Jennifer Testa - Director, University Training and Development

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