The Internal Analysis Team and the Environmental Scan Team were charged with laying the groundwork for the future efforts of the five key MFC committees. The teams’ work will be complete when each submits its final report on February 15, 2013.

Environmental Scan Team

This MFC prep team studied external/global concerns related to the university’s future.

Supervising Division Head: Jerry Benson - Provost & Senior Vice President, Academic Affairs

Co-Chair: Jim Shaeffer - Associate Vice Provost, Outreach & Engagement

Co-Chair: Donna Harper – Vice President of Access & Enrollment Management


Robin Anderson - Faculty/Academic Unit Head, Graduate Psychology

Josh Bacon - Director, Judicial Affairs

Brad Barnett - Financial Aid & Scholarships

CJ Brodrick-Hartman - Director, Office of Environmental Stewardship

Peter DeMichele - Office of Institutional Research

Frank Doherty - Director, Office of Institutional Research

Lou Hedrick - Office of Institutional Research

Eric Maslen - Academic Unit Head, Integrated Science and Technology

Rick Mathieu - College of Business

Jason McClain - Office of the Provost

Randy Mitchell - Associate Vice President, Student Success

Michael Moghtader - Faculty, Writing, Rhetoric & Technical Communication

Chris Pipkins - Associate Vice President, Advancement Information Services

Ken Newbold - Director, Research & Public Service

Eric Stark - Faculty, College of Business

Michael Walsh - Dean of Admissions

Susan Wheeler - University Legal Services

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