Formed in September 2012, the Madison Future Commission is a group of 160 or so faculty, staff, students, alumni, former Board of Visitors members and representatives from our local community who were charged with laying the groundwork for the university’s 2014-2020 strategic plan.

The Commission included the University Planning Team, two preparation teams, the town hall planning team and five committees.

The work of research, analysis, and recommendation resulted in a series of proposals for key elements of the strategic plan, which were then forwarded to President Alger and the university’s senior leadership team.

The two prep teams submitted their final reports in February 2013. Town hall meetings occurred between February and April. Committee final reports were submitted by September 2013. Objectives and action steps were then developed by deans, AVP’s, academic unit heads, and directors by January 2014.

Madison Future Commission Contact Information

Dr. Brian Charette
Sheldon Hall, Rm 221
MSC 7507

Cindy Chiarello, M.A.
Sheldon Hall, Rm 223
MSC 7507

Madison Future Commission Strategic Planning Process


There are many reasons that now is the right time to create a new JMU Strategic Plan.

  • JMU’s new president, Mr. Jonathan Alger, must be given the opportunity to develop and cast his vision, setting the best new course for JMU.
  • The higher education marketplace is undergoing significant change. To be on the leading edge, the institution should take a fresh approach to planning and create a new strategic plan that anticipates change for the university’s best success.
  • The work of the 2006 Madison Commission is coming to its conclusion.
  • The university is required by the Code of Virginia to maintain a continually-updated 6-year plan.
  • Each division head expects the university to establish its strategic plan to guide them as they set the respective courses of their divisions.


A task force of key university leaders (and those with experience in the previous planning efforts) met in May 2012 and suggested the following parameters for any new strategic planning effort:

  • Rather than a simple update of previous planning efforts, it should start fresh, with a very future-focused approach.
  • It should reflect and result in alignment between the university’s mission, vision, values, goals, and objectives.
  • It should involve all major university stakeholders - faculty, staff, students, community leaders, and alumni.
  • The resulting plan should be characterized by a sense of involvement in and ownership by faculty and staff.
  • It should have complete and vocal support from the president, division heads, AVP’s and deans.
  • It should provide students an opportunity for involvement.
  • It should be more focused on the breadth and quality of the work rather than speed.
  • The resulting strategic plan should be a living, organic concept, the focus of continual updating, change, and adaptation. It should not be a static, “once-now-forever” approach.
  • The resulting strategic plan should be communicated frequently and clearly, the subject of a running dialogue.
  • The resulting strategic plan should be understood by applicable stakeholders.

How? and When?

The Strategic Planning Process, 2014-2020 proposal represents a suggested roadmap for creating the university’s new strategic plan for 2014-2020. The Madison Future Commission (MFC) is the the primary vehicle for creating the new strategic plan under the guidance of a new University Planning Team (UPT).


Townhall meetings history

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