The information found in the Key Performance Metrics represents key university metrics as determined by the JMU Board of Visitors and JMU senior leaders. The information has been collected from various sources across campus and compiled by the Office of Institutional Research.

These key metrics are organized into seven areas. The first three areas illustrate metrics and corresponding targets that align with the three strategic priorities of the JMU Strategic Plan. The university actively works to improve or maintain these metrics.

Strategic Priority 1: Being the Change in the World

Strategic Priority 2: Advancing DEI Initiatives

Strategic Priority 3: Attracting the Students of Tomorrow

The next two areas reflect additional key performance metrics for the university related to JMU’s vision and its ongoing focus on effective management of the university’s resources. Both of these areas provide key metrics and corresponding targets that illustrate JMU’s commitment to achieving its vision and effective stewardship of its limited resources. Similar to the first three areas, the university actively works to improve or maintain the metrics related to the vision and resource management.

Supporting the University's Engagement Vision

Effective Resource Management

The final two areas contain additional metrics of importance that have been identified by senior leaders and the JMU Board of Visitors. These metrics are included to help stakeholders understand important trends that do not have associated performance targets.

Additional Metrics of Importance: Finance and Athletics Trends

Additional Metrics of Importance: Student Admissions and Enrollment Trends

Explore these Key Performance Metrics.

These are the key performance measures chosen to track the advancement of the university’s 2020-2026 strategic plan. It is not an exhaustive list but is intended to serve only as a brief at-a-glance guide to the plan’s progress in terms of key measures. There are many more performance measures the university uses to track the progress of its strategic plan. These are simply one listing of key measures. It is also acknowledged that parts of some measures below are beyond the university’s direct control.

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