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James Madison Innovations, Inc. (JMI), is a JMU 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation for intellectual property management and licensing organization, the two entities connect researchers, entrepreneurs, and professionals in industry and support services to bolster the entrepreneurial infrastructure and promote innovation in the Valley.

JMI’s articles of incorporation clearly state our mission to:

  • promote, encourage and aid scientific and technological research and the creation and development of intellectual property at James Madison University by its faculty, staff and students

  • manage intellectual property through legal protection, licensing, and commercialization;

  • receive, maintain, manage and expend funds and property, including royalty payments for licensed technologies, management and other fees, and equity interests in start-up or emerging growth companies, in order to advance the purposes of this Corporation, including advancing the commercialization potential of technologies and supporting start-up or emerging growth company efforts.

Board Members

Donna Lynn Harper, Chair & Secretary

Yvonne R. Harris, Vice Chair

John Francis Knight, Treasurer

Patrick C. Asplin, Board Member

Mary Lou Bourne, Board Member

Gerard Eldering, Board Member

Jeff Grass, Board Member

Rick Kushel, Board Member

Debbie Perrone, Board Member

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