Preparatory Courses

The following four online courses provide a strong foundation for the Master’s program and students are encouraged to take the courses as refreshers.  These courses do not count toward the hours required for the Master’s degree. For course descriptions, see the Graduate School catalog. CS510 and CS511 are taught every summer, and CS512 and CS515 are taught every fall.

Students making less than a "B" in any preparatory course will be dismissed from the program.

Summer Courses 2018

May 14 – July 27

CS510 Object Oriented Programming

May 14 – July 6

CS511 Computer Organization 

Fall Courses 2018

Aug 27

CS512 Data Structures


CS515 Foundations of Computer Science 

Tentative Schedule

All courses are offered asynchronously over the Internet.  The schedule follows JMU’s calendar for fall and spring semesters. Course schedules and course offerings are subject to change with advance notice to students. 

Semester 1

Starts Jan 7, 2019

CS550 Operating Systems
CS685 Special Topics in Information Security

Summer Course

June 3 – July 26, 2019

CS523 Ethics, Law and Policy in Cyberspace

Semester 2

Starts Aug 26, 2019 

CS531 Secure Programming
CS610 Networks and Network Security

Semester 3

Starts Jan 13, 2020

CS633 Computer Forensics
CS627 Cryptography: Algorithms and Applications

Semester 4

Starts Aug 31, 2020

CS660 Advanced Network Security AND
CS685 Special Topics in Information Security OR 
CS700 Thesis (thesis approval and research)

Semester 5

Starts Jan 11, 2021

CS635 Secure Operations AND
CS685 Special Topics in Information Security (non-thesis students) OR
CS700 Thesis (continued research, thesis defense)

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