The IIHHS Steering Committee unites the Institute leadership with representatives of each College and of selected academic units with an emphasis on health and human services. Anchoring the governance of the Institute to the interests of the faculty, the Steering Committee ensures that interprofessional and interdisciplinary opportunities for education, scholarship, community connections and practice are fostered through decisions about IIHHS courses, activities, programs and resources. The IIHHS Steering Committee also serves as a think tank or advisory board to help advance the mission, goals, and advancement of the Institute. Members are selected according to the processes of their academic unit and/or by requests of the IIHHS Director to the appropriate Dean. The IIHHS Director serves as Chair of the Committee.

Committee Members

  • Linda Plitt Donaldson, CHBS Dean’s Office & IIHHS Director
  • Tiffany Hornsby, Graduate Psychology
  • David Szwedo, Psychology
  • Lisa McGuire, Social Work
  • Tammy Kiser, Nursing
  • Jeanne Wenos, Health Professions
  • Laura Merrell, Health Sciences
  • Susan Ingram, Communications Sciences and Disorders
  • Liz Edwards, Kinesiology
  • Ben Delp, Research Development and Promotion
  • Cindy Grove Chiarello, Strategic Planning and Engagement
  • Kerry Owens Cresawn, Center for STEM Education and Outreach
  • Lisa Maynard, College of Visual and Performing Arts (CVPA)
  • Sharlene Richards, College of Arts and Letters (CALS)
  • Bryan Zugelder, College of Education
  • Mona Sameni, College of Business
  • Kim Hartzler-Weakly, IIHHS Leadership Team
  • Jolynne Bartley, IIHHS Leadership Team

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