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Taking and Transferring Summer Courses

Many students limit their undergraduate studies potential to just fall and spring semesters. But IdLS students discover that taking summer classes is a smart way

  • to meet some major requirements
  • to "catch up" if they're a major-changer or otherwise behind
  • to explore subjects during an over-subscribed fall/spring schedule.


JMU offers many courses during the different summer terms. To help you with planning, some are even offered in online formats.

Taking courses elsewhere and transferring them to JMU

Once you're admitted to JMU, you may complete academic coursework elsewhere and use it to meet certain major or minor requirements. However, you must secure the university's permission well before you enroll in the course. If interested, follow these steps:

  1. Speak with an IdLS advisor if you're using courses to meet major, minor, or certification requirements. We can help ensure that the course/s you're planning to take will, indeed, meet the requirement.
  2. Research each course you wish to take elsewhere to ensure its subject and scope are suitable to the JMU equivalent. Note, for example, that course numbers like "101" or "211" aren't universal across all institutions. JMU's Transfer website has invaluable advice about how to assess course equivalencies. See in particular "Information for Students Already Enrolled at JMU" found here.  
  3. Complete a "permission to transfer" form and submit it to the JMU Registrar well ahead of the class start date. This will given the university time to ensure a smooth transfer process once you've completed the course and are wanting to count those credit hours toward your degree. 


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