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Track 7: IdLS Special Education

Special Education Minors Only

SPED students are expected to be knowledgeable, creative and articulate with complex audiences. This concentration emphasizes liberal arts knowledge as it informs communication in family, community, and institutional settings. For purposes of disciplinary distribution, FAM and SOWK are counted as the same discipline. No more than 2 PSYC courses may be used for track credit.

Students should take courses in at least four (4) different discipline areas (prefixes) and only one (1) 200 level class other than PSYC 270.

Look for a 7 in the track column of the IdLS pre-approved and track class list every semester linked on the IdLS home page.

* PSYC 180 cannot be used as a track course, but SPED IDLS majors must take PSYC 180 if they wish to take PSYC 390 for track credit.

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