As the content major for ELED, SPED, IECE, and MIED, the IdLS major requires students to make three selections during the declaration process:

  • declare the major
  • and major concentration
  • and then declare your education program minor.
  • (If you are changing majors, you will also need to drop your current major, even if you are "undeclared").

These selections must be made before you click the "submit" button. To expedite your declaration process and prevent "unapproved" notifications, view this short JMU tutorial before getting started or drop by the Madison Advising Peers office in Roop Hall for free help making these changes on MyMadison.

Note: Your declaration is initiated through MyMadison but isn't approved until you visit with an Education and an IdLS advisor (more about that in Step 5).

To begin, select Student Center and follow these steps:

Step 1: From the dropdown menu, select Major/Minor Change. Click the magnifying glass icon and search for the BS option for Interdisciplinary Liberal Studies.

Step 2: You'll then be prompted with a dropdown menu to select a required concentration for the IdLS major; options are described on the main IdLS website. Your choices will look like this.

Step 3: Next, select a minor (remember ELED, IECE, SPED, and MIED are all considered minors). Select Add Major/Minor and scroll down the list for minors in Elementary Education, Inclusive Early Childhood Education, Special Education, or Middle Education).

Optional Step: If you are changing majors or minors, you'll next want to select Drop Major/Minor.

Step 4: After all requests have been made, select Submit Request to submit them all at once. Keep in mind that your changes aren't instantaneous. It may take up to a week for your Student Center to reflect your changes. (It may take even longer if you didn't follow these directions, as your request will be nulled and you'll have to try again.)

Step 5: You're done with MyMadison, but your request isn't approved until you meet in person with an Education advisor in Memorial Hall and an IdLS advisor in Maury Hall 118. For education, email or call your assigned Education advisor or program coordinator of ELED, IECE, MIED, or SPED to review program requirements and the admission application to JMU's teacher education. For the IdLS major, contact the central IDLS advisor Michael Moghtader to review the IdLS core and concentration selection and assist in long-term program planning toward graduation.

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