Mathematics, Science, and Technology Concentration


IdLS students concentrating in Mathematics, Science, and Technology complete 21 hours consisting of either 4 mathematics and 3 science courses or 3 mathematics and 4 science courses.

Science and Technology

Select any three or four courses (9-12 hours)*

____ASTR 301 Searching for Life in the Universe

____BIO 353 Basic Ecology

____BIO 364 Human Uses of Plants

____BIO 366 Plants and the Environment - Only offered in spring 

____CHEM 280 Chemistry for Teachers - Only offered in spring 

____GEOG 415 Climatology

____GEOL 211 Introduction to Oceanography

____GEOL 301 Earth Science for Teachers

____GEOL 320 Meteorology

____ISAT 495 Technology in Our World: Better by Design

____IDLS 395 Weather and Climate

____PHYS 215 Energy and the Environment


Select any three or four courses (9-12 hours)**

____ MATH 304 Principles of Algebra

____ MATH 305 Principles of Geometry

____ MATH 306 Principles of Analysis

____ MATH 307 Principles of Probability and Statistics

Notes on the Mathematics, Science, and Technology Concentration:

*Students should select science courses to try to cover biological, earth, and physical sciences (i.e., physics and chemistry). IdLS advisors can help in course selection.

**Students seeking the Algebra I endorsement should take the four mathematics courses listed, plus MATH 135.

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