Who majors in IdLS?

IdLS is the content major for these teacher licensure programs: Early Childhood (preK-3rd), Inclusive Early Childhood (birth-3rd), Elementary (PreK-6th), Middle Grades (6th-8th), and Special Education (K-12th). Starting Fall 2019 the IDLS major is closed to JMU students, who should contact the College of Education for major delcaration choices and licensure pathways.

 How do I declare the IdLS major?

The declaration process is initiated by the student through MyMadison. However, it is not approved until you meet individually with an education advisor and the IdLS advisor coordinator (Dr. Michael Moghtader). All Education and IDLS information is kept on your MyMadison and can be checked at any time. Just be sure to notify the IdLS office of any changes to your major, minor, or concentration.

 Who are my IdLS and Education advisors?

IdLS majors have two advisors--one for the IdLS major, one for your teacher licensure minor. You'll find their contact information on the Student Center page of MyMadison. If you need assistance and cannot reach your assigned advisor, feel free to contact the IdLS Advising Coordinator in Gabbin Hall 118.

 May I double-major?

Technically, yes. However, double-majoring with IdLS is not recommended as the workload for teacher licensure is like a second major, and a double-major will require 150 credit hours or more. If this is something you are planning to do, please schedule a meeting with the IdLS Director, Dr. Scott Paulson, to discuss your long-term plan toward graduation.

 How is the IdLS Core different from the General Education requirements?

Required courses in the IdLS core are drawn from JMU's General Education Program. However, IdLS students take more of these courses in history, math, and science to meet teacher subject-area competencies set by the State of Virginia.

 What math courses are required?

All IdLS majors seeking teacher licensure in IECE, ELED, and SPED take the sequence Math 107Math 108, and Math 207. There are no substitutions for these courses, nor are there course equivalents in the VCCS system. Math 107 and 108 require a grade of "C-" or better to advance to the next course in the sequence. It's highly recommended to start taking these courses your first year and then in consecutive semesters.

 What's the difference between an IdLS "concentration" and "track"?

IdLS majors in IECE, ELED, and SPED complete the IDLS core and a concentration--seven upper-level courses in one of four options that you select when you declare the IDLS major. If your option includes courses in the "Humanities and Social Science," you must also choose a track (a theme) to guide your selection of approved upper-level courses (updated on the IdLS website each semester). There are no "tracks" for students who choose the Math/Science/Technology concentration or for IdLS majors in Middle Education.

 How to enroll in the ISCI science courses?

The ISCI courses (171, 172, 173) are open only to students officially declared as IdLS majors. Check your MyMadison account under "Student Center," "My Major/Program" to see if your major is listed as "Interdisciplinary Liberal Studies." If it is, you already have have access to the ISCI courses; if it is not, please notify the IdLS administrative assistant for permission to enroll in an ISCI course. In rare instances, specific ISCI sections may not be open to IdLS students. Read all information posted about the specific section prior to adding it: If the course is listed for a "Learning Community," for example, and you are not part of that community, you may not enroll in that section.

 How may I change my IdLS concentration option?

At any time, you may change your concentration option. In your Student Center from the dropdown menu, select Major/Minor Change. At the bottom of the screen, you'll see an option to "Change Concentrations." Your current concentration will be displayed; replace it with the new one by clicking the magnifying glass and the options presented there. Then click "Change Concentrations" and, on the next screen, click "Submit Request".

 Is IDLS 400 required?

If you choose the Humanities and Social Sciences concentration option, then IDLS 400 is the required seventh class you will take in your senior year. You must have enough credit hours for senior status to enroll in this course. If, however, your concentration combines HSS with Science/Tech or Math, you may choose IDLS 400 as an concentration course if seats are available and you have enough credit hours for senior status.

 Once admitted, may I transfer college credit from summer coursework taken elsewhere?

If you're a current JMU student, you may take and transfer college credit from other schools to meet certain major or degree requirements. However, you must secure permission from the JMU Registrar well before enrolling in any course you plan to take/transfer. To begin this process, first read this information on the IdLS website and then meet with an IdLS advisor to outline your plans (which course and which requirement you want it to satisfy). Then review the transfer request information on JMU's website.

 Will my associate degree expedite progress through the IdLS major?

Yes, but it doesn't satisfy all major requirements. New IdLS majors coming in with transfer credit, including an associate degree, should meet immediately with an IdLS advisor to have their transcript/transfer credit evaluated to determine what IdLS and education program requirements you have satisfied and which you still must meet.

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