All JMU publications shall exemplify our brand by including university logos, colors and typography. Campus photos also reinforce our brand. 

One-sided material design

One-sided materials like posters and flyers shall either include a James Madison University wordmark or a James Madison logo.

Two-sided publication design

Two-sided publications like brochures and postcards shall include a James Madison University wordmark on the front and the standard publications signature with the James Madison logo on the back.

Publication signature

The James Madison University publication signature consists of the James Madison logo, the return address or contact information.

  • The publication signature shall appear on all JMU published communications.
  • A date mark, including JMU and the year of publication, should appear below the return address on all printed publications.
  • The mailing panel version of the publication signature should appear in the upper-left corner. 
mailing panel
  • For publications without mailing panels, the centered version may be substituted on the back of the document. 

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