Workforce Development

      Northern Arizona University is leading our efforts to develop the workforce agencies need to mitigate modern resource threats. Their first class, Natural Resources Protection, introduces students to the concepts of trans-boundary and systemic resource threats. They gain experience in establishing priorities based on resource risk while researching a complex problem. They also prepare interdisciplinary action plans to mitigate a resource threat. This class, initially offered only to students in the park ranger academy, will soon be offered to all students in the conservation field.

NAU PRM 401 class description

      Northern Arizona University also offers a class that blends the old and the new into a more powerful protection tool. Instruction begins with the skill of tracking, so essential to the success of field officers. This skill, built around observing changes in the natural environment, will join with the emerging field of clue management to improve patrol efficiency. Students will also be introduced to advanced concepts employing Geographic Information Systems (GIS). This uses violator behavior modeling and resource density maps to identify areas at greatest risk for resource theft.

Tracking and Clue Management Class

Workforce Transformation Research
     Implementing change in a workforce requires a clear understanding of their present values, expectations and motivations. A recent literature review, focused on the field of resource law enforcement, yielded an informative assessment despite a surprisingly small body of research on this important topic. Additional research documents are hyperlinked within the following article.

Literature Review on Park Law Enforcement Motivators and Expectations

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