Management Capacity

     Effective management of conservation law enforcement requires performance measures tied to the mission. Communicating those objectives to field employees and measuring accomplishments are also important. Look at these examples.

Field Operations Recording Tool
A management-driven workforce will require robust tools for identifying protection priorities, assigning work, and measuring workforce productivity. The Field Operations Recording Tool (FORT) is an important step in the design of these tools. A FORT prototype is being evaluated at Acadia National Park.

     The following PowerPoint presentation (1,616 KB) provides an overview of FORT:

Field Operations Recording Tool (FORT)

Performance Objectives
     Enforcement operations in conservation agencies face increasing demand for meaningful performance measures to compete for increasingly scarce funding. Further, agencies must use measures meaningful to their customers. Creating a common performance language among preserve, refuge, park, and forest managers is important. An important evolution in managing for mission result is moving away from measures of enforcement activity, such as arrests made, and towards measures of resource stability.

     The links below contain some early thoughts towards those mission specific performance measures:

Resource Stability and Restoration

Parks as Refuges For Learning and Contemplation

Linking Performance To Funding
     Less obvious, but no less urgent, is the information age requirement to describe priorities and results in terms relevant to a conservation mission. Conservation law enforcement agencies are increasingly unable to compete for funds if they report results in terms of activities (e.g. miles patrolled.)

     Successful funding initiatives require the description of a conservation problem to be solved and performance measures tied to the agency mission (e.g. resource status.)

     Download this PowerPoint presentation (113 KB) to learn more about this problem and some suggestions towards solution:

Competing in Government Marketplace

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