Choose your concentration

Students may choose the National Security or the Competitive Intelligence concentration. With approval if the IA Program Advisor, students may design their own “custom” concentration of four 300+ level courses that fit together thematically and support the educational objectives of the IA program.

National Security

To complete the National Security concentration, students should select the following courses (IA 480 may be repeated multiple times if the topics differ):

  • IA 363: Apocalypticism, Religious and Peace
  • IA 459: Awareness and Understanding of Chemical, Biological and Radiological Weapons
  • IA 480: Selected Topics in Intelligence Analysis
  • Geog 375: Political Geography
Competitive Intelligence

To complete the Competitive Intelligence concentration, students should select 12 credits from either the set of business intelligence courses (option 1) or the set of global economics perspective courses (option 2). 

Option 1

Computer Information Systems Perspective Courses

  • CIS 304: Information technology Enterprise Integration
  • CIS 330: Database Design and Application
  • CIS 454: Systems Analysis and Design

And select one of the following:

  • CIS 424: Competitive Security Management
  • CIS 463: Business Intelligence

*Other 300+ CIS Courses as approved by the IA Program Advisor

**Please consult with the CIS Minor Program Advisor regarding what requirements must be fulfilled to take these courses. IA majors seeking to complete the “Computer Information Systems Perspective” version of the competitive track must meet all the CIS program’s requirements for taking their courses.
Option 2

Global Economic Perspective Course

  • Introduction to Macroeconomics
  • Principles of Economics (Micro)

And select two of the following:

  • Comparative Economic Systems
  • Game Theory
  • Economic Development
  • International Trade and Trade Policies
  • International Finance and Payment

*Other 300+ Econ Courses as approved by the IA Program Advisor
  • Language, Culture, Country, Geographic Region Focus (e.g. Middle East and Arabic, or Persian, Asian with Chinese or Korean, etc)
  • Technology Focus (eg Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Information Systems Security (Info Sec) Computer Science (CS) Computer Information Systems (CIS)
  • Science Focus (e.g. Biology, Chemistry)
  • Justice Studies and Law Enforcement Focus

*Selected by Student Interest

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