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JobLink and Recruitment for Hiring Managers

How do I create a Hiring Manager account in JobLink?

Go to https://joblink.jmu.edu/userfiles/jsp/shared/frameset/Frameset.jsp?time=1406903040125and click on the "Create User Account" link. Most accounts are approved within 24 hours.

How long does my posting need to be posted on JobLink?

Instructional Faculty and AP Faculty postings must be posted on JobLink for a minimum of 30 calendar days.

Classified and Wage postings must be posted on JobLink for a minimum of 7 calendar days.

Who should have access to the applications?

Generally anyone involved in the hiring process can have access to the applications. If they are on the selection or interview committees they will need to see the applications.

How do I give members of the search committee access to applications?

If the committee member has a JobLink account and needs the ability to update the status of the posting or applicant you may add their name to the "Departmental User's with permission to access" field on the "Posting Details" tab when creating a posting. If you need to add someone after the position has been posted on JobLink please contact your Recruitment Specialist and they will be happy to give the committee member access to the posting.

If the committee member does not have a JobLink account and only needs to be able to view the applications you will create a "guest user" account and distribute the user name and password to whomever needs it. The guest user account is a separate tab available when you submit a posting to Human Resources. This option is mostly used for search committee members that do not have JobLink accounts and allows the user to view all applicant materials but does not allow the user to change the statuses of applicants or the posting.

Where can I find the screening grid?

When you log-in to JobLink select the “View” link under the working title of the posting. Under “Reports” select the Screening Grid. A screening grid will open in a new window with the position number, screening criteria (if you entered your screening criteria when creating the posting) and the names of the active applicants automatically filled in. You will need to copy and paste this information into an Excel spreadsheet before you can begin scoring candidates.

What happens when I close a posting?

Closing a posting simply means that applicants can no longer view the posting on JobLink and applicants may no longer apply. A posting can always be reopened if you feel the current applicant pool does not meet the requirements of the position. However, if you reopen a search after it has been closed it will again need to be open for the minimum required days (7 calendar days for classified and wage postings and 30 calendar days for faculty postings).

When should I close a posting?

When you feel you have an adequate pool of qualified applicants to choose from you should close your posting. Classified and wage postings must remain open for 7 calendar days and faculty postings must remain open for 30 calendar days. Once these minimum posting requirements have been met you can close your posting. It is a good idea to close the posting either once you start to review applications or when you begin interviews. Some hiring managers choose to leave a posting open during this process and get to the point where they want to offer the position to someone only to find they now have ten or twenty more applications that must be reviewed. Remember, the applicant materials for ALL candidates that apply to the posting must be reviewed and evaluated on your screening grid.

Where do I send my recruitment materials?

  • All classified and wage search materials, including the screening grid, interview questions and notes from all search committee members, reference checks for candidates who were not hired and any other materials related to the recruitment should be sent to Human Resources (MSC 7009) where the material is stored for three years past the filled date.

  • All Instructional and AP Faculty materials should be stored in a confidential location by the department for three years past the filled date.

  • Reference checks for newly hired and rehired classified, wage and instructional and AP faculty positions should be sent to Human Resources (MSC 7009).

What do I do if a candidate requests an accommodation?

Contact Jennifer Kester, Recruitment Team Leader at either 540-568-6728 or kesterjm@jmu.edu.

Is there a JobLink training class I can attend?

Yes, a one-hour training class is offered every quarter and you can sign up through MyMadison. Your Recruitment Specialist will also be happy to meet with you one on one if you have an upcoming recruitment that you would like assistance with.

Other than JobLink, where else is my job advertised?

All job postings are posted to the Commonwealth of Virginia Career site and are also listed in a weekly listserv announcement HR sends to Historically Black Colleges and Universities and Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities. All faculty postings are posted to HigherEdJobs.com and all classified postings are posted to US Military Pipeline. These postings are placed at no cost to the department.

To advertise your position in additional publications or websites please let your Recruitment Specialist know. We will work with our vendor, Graystone Advertising to obtain advertising proofs and quotes for your approval. Advertising is paid for by the hiring department and all ads over $100 must be approved by HR before being placed.

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