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Onboard for Divisions Using the ePAR

A candidate has accepted your department's job offer, now what?

As soon as a candidate has accepted a job offer, the department should initiate an ePAR. The ePAR serves as the onboard, PAR, and PAW (when applicable).

The Onboard Specialist will determine from the ePAR if paperwork needs to be completed with the employee and if so, the Onboard Specialist will schedule an onboard session with the new employee sometime after the employee accepts the job offer and before his/her first day of work or beforehis/her transfer from a student to a non-student position.

What exactly is an onboard session?

During the onboard session, the employee will complete all required hiring paperwork to include the Form I-9, Employee Information Form, tax forms, direct deposit, background check and a JMU policy page. During the onboard session, the employee will also be scheduled for their Phase One and Two Orientation sessions, when applicable. Additionally, the employee will fill out parking forms and will receive a temporary parking pass as well as instructions on how and when to obtain a JACard.  The session typically lasts 30 minutes for new employees. The length of the onboard session for rehired employees and student employees transferring in to a non-student position will vary depending on their break in service and the required paperwork that is needed.

Note:  Departments will still be responsible for completing paperwork that is specific to the department, when applicable.

When will the onboard session take place?

In order to accommodate the large amount of hiring that occurs during the summer months, we will offer group sessions between mid-April and late August. These sessions will be held Monday through Thursday at 9am or 3pm and at 9am on Friday. The Onboard Specialist will schedule each employee to one of these sessions based on his or her availability.

Throughout the rest of the year, we will schedule onboard sessions as it suits the employee.

I've submitted the ePAR. When will I know my employee is eligible to begin work?

Once the employee is eligible to begin work, the Onboard Specialist will approve the ePAR and the ePAR initiator will receive an [eForms] FYI auto-notification indicating that the ePAR has been approved.

Note: An employee cannot begin work until the department receives an [eForms] FYI auto-notification from the onboard approver.

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