Thank you for your service to James Madison University. If you are in the process of terminating your part-time employment with the university, carefully review the following information.

JMU Property

Review the Checklist for Supervisors of Transferring or Separating Employees with your supervisor to be certain that JMU property, computer systems and other equipment has been collected or deactivated according to university policy.

MyMadison and JMU e-mail

Separating employees continue to have email access and access to MyMadison 30 days after your employment ends. Adjunct faculty will continue to have access for 130 days after employment ends. If you have previously consented to receive your W-2 electronically, foregoing a paper copy, be sure to access and print your prior year W-2s before losing access to myMadison. To receive your current year W-2 in a timely manner make sure your address is correct in MyMadison. If you no longer have access to MyMadison you will need to email Payroll Services,

Scheduling an Exit Interview

If you have questions related to separating employment or if you would like to schedule an exit interview contact the HR Consultant for you area.

Completing an Online Exit Survey

Departing part-time employees will receive an invitation by email from  to participate in a brief online Exit Survey. Please complete the survey within 48 hours of receiving the link. We value your employment experience feedback.


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