Applicable Policies

For your convenience, policies are listed by employee type. During this pandemic situation, use these policies for guidance.

Supervisors should work directly with their employees to determine the best solution based on the circumstances and are urged to be as flexible as possible in the approval of leave use, telework, or alternate work schedules.

Department of Human Resource Management Policies
DHRM Policy 4.52 Public Health Emergency Leave
DHRM Policy 2.35 Civility in the Workplace
James Madison University Policies
Policy 1309 Closings, Class Cancellations and Exam Postponements Due to Inclement Weather or Emergencies
Policy 1310 Alternative Work Schedules
Policy 1342 Flexible Work Arrangements
Policy 1332 Telecommuting (Temporary Telework Policy supersedes Policy 1332 during this pandemic outbreak)

See all JMU policies at


The following communications have been sent from Human Resources to date:

  • March 19: Update on working from remote locations — to faculty, staff. Link
  • March 16: Information on Public Health Emergency Leave and telework — to employees. Link
  • March 15: JMU employee update on remote work and leave policies. Link
  • March 13: JMU Employee Update. Link


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