Lynn Z. Lang


Lynn Z. Lang graduated from JMU in 1964, when the school was known as Madison College and composed largely of women students. Returning to her home in Arlington, Virginia shortly after graduation, she joined the teaching staff of the Arlington Virginia Public Schools and remained there in a variety of professional positions until her retirement in 1998. During the period from graduation to retirement, she obtained the Masters Degree and Doctorate in Language Development and Reading/Writing Curriculum and Instruction from UVa. and Virginia Tech respectively.

The focus of Dr. Lang’s doctoral research was on the assessment of reading comprehension in a sample of middle school boys, all of whom had been identified as learning disabled. The results of the study showed that the retelling of a story or passage was a powerful indicator of comprehension as compared to other question-answer measures, but also that teachers didn’t teach students what retelling is and how to use it in recreating text meaning out loud. Thus, in the next phase of her career, Lynn became an adjunct Professor of Education at the Northern Virginia extensions of UVa and Virginia Tech, and at the American University, George Mason University, and Marymount University in Arlington, and in that context, she was able to teach graduate level teachers how to best support their students’ use of reading strategies in meaning creation and to effectively monitor their own comprehension progress in addition to other skills in the language arts. 

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