Honors Faculty Liaisons

Honors faculty liaisons serve as a nexus between the Honors College and academic departments and units on campus. Liaisons help integrate the goals and expectations of the Honors College with the academic curriculum and culture of each department. Liaisons work with students, faculty, and the Honors College in the following ways:


  • Liaisons help students understand the expectations and procedures for Honors thesis projects within the department
  • Liaisons connect students with faculty who might be available to work on a thesis committee and may even make project topic suggestions
  • Liaisons support Honors students in their programs and help facilitate arrangements with independent studies and Honors options within the department


  • Liaisons serve as a resource for faculty with questions about the Honors curriculum and departmental guidelines for Honors thesis projects

Honors College

  • Liaisons encourage outstanding students in their programs who are not current members of the Honors College to consider joining as Track II or III students

List of Honors Faculty Liaisons

List of Honors faculty liaisons by department.
Department Faculty Liaison
Accounting Luis Betancourt
Anthropology David Trouille
Architectural Design Maureen Shanahan
Art Maureen Shanahan
Art Education Maureen Shanahan
Art History Maureen Shanahan
Athletics (Student-Athlete Services) Jessica Kyllo
Athletic Training Connie Peterson
Biology Christopher Rose
Biotechnology Louise Temple-Rosebrook
Chemistry/Biochemistry Richard Foust
College of Business Michelle Duncan
Communication Sciences and Disorders (CSD) Lincoln Gray
Communication Studies Tim Ball
Computer Information Systems Amy Connolly
Computer Science David Bernstein
Dietetics Katherine Ott
Earth Science Bill Lukens
Economics Andre Neveu
Education - Early, Elementary & Reading Sarah Lupo
Education - Education Foundations & Exceptionalities Ben Riden
Education - Learning, Technology & Leadership Monica Smith-Woofter
Education - Middle, Secondary & Mathematics Ann Wallace
Engineering Jason Forsyth
English Heidi Pennington
Environmental Science Bill Lukens
Fellowships Advising Meredith Malburne-Wade
Finance Jaideep Chowdhury
Geographic Science Louise Temple-Rosebrook
Geology Bill Lukens
Graphic Design Maureen Shanahan
Health Professions Katherine Ott
Health Sciences Katherine Ott
Health Services Administration Katherine Ott
History John J Butt
Hospitality Management Pam Li
Industrial Design Maureen Shanahan
Integrated Science and Technology (ISAT) Louise Temple-Rosebrook
Intelligence Analysis Stephen Marrin
Interdisciplinary Liberal Studies (IdLS) H. Gelfand
International Affairs Kerry Crawford
International Business Kirk Elwood
Justice Studies Daniel Beers
Kinesiology Trent Hargens
Libraries Grace Wilson
Libraries Kathy Clarke
Management Laura Leduc
Marketing Theresa Clarke
Mathematics Edwin O'Shea
Media Arts and Design (SMAD) Nan Zheng
Military Science Michael Davidson
Modern Foreign Languages Giulia Cardillo
Music Andy Connell
Music Theatre Zachary Dorsey
Nursing Bridget Houlahan
Philosophy & Religion Chip Bolyard
Physics Sean Scully
Political Science Kerry Crawford
Psychology Monica Reis-Bergan
Public Policy and Administration Kerry Crawford
Quantitative Finance Jaideep Chowdhury
Social Work Nancy Poe
Sociology David Trouille
Sport and Recreation Management Angela Hayslett
Statistics Edwin O'Shea
Studio Art Maureen Shanahan
Theatre and Dance Zachary Dorsey
Writing, Rhetoric and Technical Communication Larry Burton

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