This page contains advising information for incoming Honors College students enrolling in classes in Fall 2020.

Our basic expectation is that you will enroll in TWO Honors classes in Fall 2020:

  • HON 100
  • One other Honors class

See below for course options and advising considerations. If you have questions, please contact honors-advising@jmu.edu

Early Enrollment

** UPDATED: Monday, June 15 @ 2:00 PM **

Incoming Honors students receive the *privilege* of early enrollment for fall classes. Since non-early appointees enroll on the morning of Tuesday, June 16, you have a window on Tuesday afternoon/evening during which you can select classes before your non-Honors peers.

We strongly recommend you register for classes on June 15. Please do not delay enrollment!

Fall 2020 Honors Classes
Enrolling in Honors Classes

You should enroll in two Honors classes this fall:

1. HON 100: Honors First Year Seminar

This is a required one-credit hour Honors orientation course for all incoming first year students. We offer multiple sections at different times throughout the week. Choose the section that works best for your schedule. 

** 17 credit hour limit: Enrollment is capped at 17 credits during your enrollment appointment. If HON 100 would cause you to exceed 17 credits, you may receive permission to add HON 100 as an 18th credit. Contact honors-advising@jmu.edu AFTER you have enrolled in all of your other courses for permission to add HON 100 as an 18th credit. You must provide details (class # and section #) of the exact section of HON 100 that you would like to take.

2. One other Honors course

Course options:

  • SCOM 123H (recommended for most students; we offer 9 sections of the class at different times)
  • BIO 140H 
  • MATH 220H (2 sections available)
  • POSC 225H
  • HON 300 Science and Technology for Future Presidents (this course has been approved for GenEd Cluster 3 Physical Principles credit)
  • ECON 200 section 11 (see below for more information)
  • Any Honors seminar (HON 200 or 300) that is open 

While SCOM 123H is recommended as appropriate for most students, it is not required. You can enroll in any of the above classes.

Advising Considerations

Please do not take an Honors GenEd course if you already have credit for the GenEd requirement that it fulfills through AP, dual enrollment, or summer coursework. If you have an Associate’s Degree, please take an Honors seminar (HON 200 or 300).

Do not take SCOM 123H if you are an athlete in a fall sport. You can either take SCOM 121 or 122 in the fall, or wait to take any of 121, 122, and 123 in the spring.

If ECON 200 Macroeconomics is a required course for your major, consider enrolling in section 11 (#82505) of the class. While this course is not yet designated for Honors, we will arrange for it to count for Honors credit. This course can be taken in addition to SCOM 123H.

Biology majors: If you can only take one of SCOM 123H or BIO 140H, prioritize BIO. 

If you are in the Trelawny Learning Community, you should enroll in BIO 201H in addition to your other classes.

Can I take more than just HON 100 + one Honors class in the fall? 

You are only required to take one Honors course in addition to HON 100. However, you may enroll in two Honors courses (ex. SCOM 123H + ECON 200 sec. 11) if you wish.

Wait, I can take an Honors seminar as a first semster student?

Yes! You may enroll in an Honors seminar at either the HON 200 or HON 300 level. 

Mentorship for First-Generation Students

If you are a first-generation college student, consider enrolling in HON 200 Mentorship in Honors (1 credit, section 0006), taught by Dr. Fawn-Amber Montoya, Associate Dean for Diversity, Inclusion, and External Engagement.

You may take this instead of or in addition to HON 100. 

Description: This course examines the unique challenges, constraints, and opportunities that face first-generation college students. The class will address strategies to navigate financial aid and scholarships, develop techniques for building a mentoring relationship with peers and faculty, and identify resume building opportunities and acclimating to college life.

Track I Honors Curriculum

Learn more about the Track I Honors curriculum.

Summer Springboard

We will send information about Honors programming for Summer Springboard Orientation in early June.


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