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Public History Concentration Requirements


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Public History Concentration Requirements

History Major with Public History Concentration

History majors opting to pursue the Public History concentration will complete seven elective courses, six of which must be 300-400-level history courses. The Public History concentration consists of five courses (15 credit hours). Students are required to complete two public history core courses and three elective courses. Two of the three elective courses should be chosen from the list of primary electives; the remaining elective course may be chosen from either the primary or secondary list of elective courses.

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Core Requirements


Credit Hours
GHIST 101 World History to 1500 3
GHIST 102 World History Since 1500 3
Any two 200-level history courses 6-7
HIST 395 History Seminar 1 3
Seven electives 2
300/400-level history courses 9
Public History Concentration
Required Courses
HIST 340 Internship in History 3
HIST/ARTH 396 Introduction to Public History 3
Primary Electives 6-9
HIST 310 American Business History
HIST/ANTH 331 Historical Archaeology
HIST 337 Workshop in Local History
HIST/ARTH 394 Introduction to Museum Work  
HIST/ANTH/SCOM 441 Oral History
HIST 491/591 Editing Historical Documents
HIST/ANTH/ARTH 492 American Material Culture
HIST/ARTH 493 Historic Preservation
HIST 495 Introduction to Archives and Manuscripts  
HIST 497 Genealogical Research and Family History
Secondary Electives 0-3
HIST 326 The Automobile in Twentieth-Century America
HIST 327 Technology in America
HIST/SOCI 338 United States Urban History  
HIST 360 Research Apprenticeship in History
HIST 391 Travel Studies Seminar:
  Summer in Ghana Program  
  Cultural History of Scotland
  Cultural History of the Netherlands
HIST 402 Workshop in Colonial American Life
HIST 403 Workshop in Civil War Virginia
HIST/ARTH 406 Monticello  
HIST/ARTH 408 The Museum: Histories and Controversies  
ANTH 494 Field Techniques in Archaeology



1  This course fulfills the College of Arts and Letters writing-intensive requirement for the major.

2  Six (18 credit hours) of the seven electives must be 300/400-level history courses. At least three courses (9 credit hours) must be 400-level history courses. For honors majors, only three hours of HIST 499, Honors Thesis, may be counted among the three 400-level courses required for the major.

Internships at museums and historic sites provide students with valuable skills. Student interns at the New York City Police Museum worked closely with the artifact collections (right).


Click here for a checklist for the History Major with Public History Concentration.