Associate Professor

Contact Info

Assistant Director, Ghana Study Abroad Program


Ph.D., Temple University

Teaching Areas

History of Africa, Africana Studies, Nationalism

Research Interests

Ethnicity and Nationalism

Selected Publications

“Development, Ancient Egypt, and National Liberation: An Examination of Economic Growth, Nationalism, and Governmental Ethics.” Review of History and Political Science (forthcoming).

 “The Nation in Antiquity: Unification, Civil War, and National Liberation in Ancient Kemet.” Journal of Black Studies 46, No 3 (2015): 239-257.

“Defining the Nation in the Social Sciences: A Utilitarian Approach.” National Social Science Association Journal 42, No.1 (2014): 50-59.

Africa and the Nation-State: State Formation and Identity in Ancient Egypt, Hausaland and Southern Africa. Lewiston: The Edwin Mellen Press, 2006.

“From Caliphate to Protectorate: Ethnicity and the Colonial Sabon Gari System in Northern Nigeria.” Journal of Colonialism and Colonial History 4, No.2 (2003).  Project Muse.

“State and Ethnicity in Precolonial Northern Nigeria.” In Conceptualizing/Reconceptualizing Africa: The Construction of African Historical Identity, edited by Maghan Keita, 9-30. Leiden: Brill, 2002.

“Nations without Nationalism: Ethno-Political Theory and the Demise of the Nation-State.” Journal of Developing Societies 18, No. 4 (2002): 354-364.


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