Year Graduated 2014


Degree and Minors?
MA with a World Concentration


Job Title: Assistant Director of Admissions / Adjunct Instructor, James Madison University

What are you up to now? I serve as the primary recruiter for first-year and transfer students coming to JMU from Loudoun County in Northern Virginia. The position involves traveling to high schools and college fairs in and around Loudoun County to promote JMU to prospective students (virtually this year), interacting with prospective students and their families when they visit campus, reviewing applications and making admissions decisions, and helping to make sure we fill our incoming classes. I have also been fortunate enough to teach a section of History 150 for several semesters since graduating.

How does your study of History inform your current career? My amazing experiences working with History Faculty, the collaborative environment fostered by the department, and the relationships I built with Professors and my cohort help me to provide an authentic representation of what incoming students can expect at JMU—whether they are planning to major in history or not.

What are some of the most valuable skills you gained from your study of History? The skills I find most valuable include how to conduct research, interrogate source materials, write effectively, and communicate more clearly.

What is your advice for JMU students knowing what you know now? Visit your Professors during office hours! Don’t be nervous (or wait until the end of the semester/something isn’t going well). Faculty in the History Department are not scary, intimidating people—they’re here to teach and want to get to know you. Take advantage of that opportunity to build relationships with Professors while you can.


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