The Health Policy Collaborative involves an interprofessional approach including interested faculty from the School of Nursing, the Department of Health Sciences and the Department of Economics.Faculty from across disciplines with interest in health policy have had a long-standing desire to develop a center or some other funded health policy initiative. With the recent arrival of two policy-focused faculty in nursing, Drs. Eaton and deValpine, there is renewed interest in interprofessional health policy initiatives. Faculty are in the process of contacting community partners to gain participation. Faculty are engaged in health policy evaluation research. Legislative informational updates on health policy initiatives at the state and federal levels are being shared with faculty and students to educate and inform on the policy-making process and advocacy role.

Funding sources are being explored and approached, with a small College of Health & Behavioral Studies pilot grant just awarded. Interested students will prove integral to the development and future success of the HPC.

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