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Outside the Classroom

Learn about the connections between the grape and the soil and vine in the Napa & Sonoma Wine & Culture course.  Meet winery owners and managers while learning about sustainability and tourism and how marketing strategies work nationally.

HM Students holding plates of food at the Napa & Sonoma Wine & Culture Course Trip
HM Hershey's Park Trip

Attend the International Hotel, Motel and Restaurant Show (HMRS) in New York City which is the worlds’ largest showcase and exchange of industry products, trends and developments, attracting every segment and facet of the industry.  Other experiences have taken students to the Harrisonburg Brewery to learn about the proper techniques for opening and serving wine.  Student teams have also created event proposals and presented to the board at Hershey Destination Services in Pennsylvania.

Develop leadership skills in HM 317, Introduction to Event Management. In this class, student teams present event proposals that include menu development, budget, décor and invitations to staff training, negotiation contracts, and marketing and promotion all in hopes of being selected to execute their plans for actual guests.

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Students attending one of the HM Themed Dinners

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