Anthony Lazarony and Matthew Shifflett are recipients of the prestigious Elijah Watt Sells award for 2019, which is given to those who score above 95.50% on all four sections of the Uniform CPA examination and pass all four sections on their first attempt.  They are two of the 110 who qualified for the award in 2019 out of 86,000 test takers, placing them in the .001 percentile.

Adult Education/Human Resource Development

Lisa K. Hajdasz received a Graduate Showcase Poster Presentation Award for her thesis presentation entitled, “Examining the Relationship between Technostress and the Effectiveness of Organizational Communication.”

Kendall Perez received a Graduate Showcase Poster Presentation Award for her thesis presentation entitled, “Assessing the Mental Health Awareness and Training Needs of College Professors.”

Art, Design and Art History

Mallory Burrell, Lacey Minor, and Sarah Phillips will participate in the 2019 Dorothy Gillespie Art Residency Summer Program in New York, to study and catalog the work of the artist in her former NY Catskill studio.

Chris Cohen, MFA ’19 exhibited a portion of his JMU thesis White Identity Politics in the Home in the 2019 Annual New York City Spring Break Art Show, where Cohen’s work received recognition in ArtNews and The Art Newspaper. His MFA Thesis Exhibition entitled "White Noise" was on display in the Duke Gallery of Art at JMU, April 22 - May 25, 2019. Chris has been hired to join the faculty as an Assistant Professor of Art at Randolph College, beginning Fall 2019.  

Sarah Phillips received a Virginia Museum of Fine Arts (VMFA) Fellowship Award which provides her with $6,000 for professional development for her outstanding photography and exhibited her work Negative Spaces in Rome, Italy during the 2019 Art Rooms Fair Roma. She completed an intensive study in Lebanon on Arts and Reconciliation in Post and Current War Zones, which is a continuation of her research with the Zurich University of the Arts. Sarah received grants from JMU Center for Global Engagement, the Graduate Student Association, a Global Opportunity Grant from the Graduate School, as well as SADAH professional development support for this work. She is completing The Old School House artist residency in Sofia, Bulgaria in August 2019, and has been invited to do some reconciliation work with the Roma community in Bucharest and research in Kosovo, in August and September. She was selected as a semi-finalist for a 2019 Fulbright grant to study in Romania.

Art Education Alumni

Nicole Ross (MA, 2018) was accepted into several top Ph.D programs and will pursue a doctorate in education at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. 

Hannah Sions (MA, 2014) recently completed a Ph.D in Art Education at Virginia Commonwealth University in May, 2019. The title of Hannah’s doctoral dissertation is “Teaching about racially diverse artists and cultures: A quantitative survey of NAEA members”.

Assessment & Measurement

SASS team wins National Association of Student Personnel Administrators (NASPA) Award.

Caroline Prendergast received a Graduate Showcase Research Presentation Award for her thesis presentation entitled, “Improving Learning Improvement: Sustaining Efforts Through Kotter’s Change Model”.

Andrea Pope, PhD student (along with Professors Sara Finney and Jeanne Horst), presented their work related to outcomes assessment in the division of student affairs, at the ACPA National Conference.


Maddie Berg presented "Urban Stream Restoration: An Evaluation of Conveyance Channels and Material Processing Channels" at The New England Chapter of Society for Ecological Restoration, Maryland Water Monitoring Council, Virginia Chapter of American Fisheries Society, Watershed Conference: Along the Schuylkill River and the Association of Southeastern Biologists (ASB). She was awarded the following grants; Graduate School National Travel Grant, Professional Development Grant, New England Chapter of Society for Ecological Restoration (NE - SER) Travel Grant, Regenerative Stormwater Conveyance Workshop (RSC). She also received a Maryland Stream Restoration Association (MSRA) conference Scholarship.

Ruth Bowers-Sword co-presented "Assessing hunting pressures and the population status of Preuss's red colobus, Piliocolobus preussi, in Cross River National Park, Nigeria" at the Association of Southeastern Biologists Annual Meeting, Memphis, TN. She was awarded the following grants; National Geographic Early Career Grant, Mohammed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund, Jana Robeyst Trust Fund, American Society of Primatologists, Primate Conservation, Incorporated, IDEA WILD, International Primatology Society, Margot Marsh Biodiversity Foundation, GSA Professional Development Grant and the Sigma Xi Grants in Aid of Research. She won a Maryland Stream Restoration Association (MSRA) Conference Scholarship. She was awarded the W. Dean Cocking award for Summer Ecological Research in Graduate Biology and The JMU Graduate School Global Opportunity Scholarship.

Cooper Brett co-presented "Correlating iba-1 and CX3CL 1 expression with emerging modular-extramodular fields of the lateral cortex of the inferior colliculus", at the 6th International Conference on Glial Biology in Medicine, and "Microglial and CX3CL 1 patterning with respect to the developing modular-extramodular framework in the lateral cortex of the inferior colliculus," at the Association of Research in Otolaryngology's 42"d midwinter meeting. He coauthored, "Alignment of EphA4 and ephrin-82 expression patterns with developing modularity in the lateral cortex of the inferior colliculus" in Journal of Compartive Neurology, 526 (16), 2706-2721.

Melissa Encinias co-presented "Divergence of Male Mating Preferences in Sympatric Calopteryx aequabilis and C. maculata Populations", and "An Evaluation of Reforestation Pathways on Insect Richness in the Tropical Dry Forests of Panama" at the Association of Southeastern Biologists (ASB). She was awarded a travel grant by The Graduate Student Association, and a Semester and Short-Term Summer Program Scholarship from Centennial Scholars and First Generation Abroad.

Noah Greenman co-presented "Plasmids and anitbiotic resistance genes in Salmonella Enterica strains isolated directly from stream sediment and poultry litter", at American Society of Microbiology State Meeting, Radford, Virginia, American Society of Microbiology Next Generation Sequencing Conference, Tysons, Virginia, and American Society of Microbiology Chapter Meeting.

Morgan Hussey presented "Determining the effects of urbanization on the song of a vocal mimic, the grey catbird (Dumetella carolinensis)", ASB, Memphis TN. She was awarded grants to present at; Washington Biologists Field Club, Virginia Society of Ornithology, NSF GFRP, and a Support award for Student members of ASB.

Tyler Kovacs co-presented "Herpetological assemblages in reforested tropical dry forests of the Azuero Peninsula, Panama" and "Avian communities in the tropical dry forests of the Azuero Peninsula, Panama" at the Association of Southeastern biologists, Memphis TN. Two frog species range extensions will be published in Herp Review. Tyler was awarded a travel grant from the Graduate School.

Bailie E. Lavan won Third Place in the Three Minute Thesis Competition and received a Graduate Showcase Research Presentation Award for his thesis presentation entitled, “Eastern Oyster (Crassostrea Viginica): An Approach to Oyster Reef Restoration Utilizing Interstitial Space.” She co-presented "Examining the effect of interstitial space on Eastern oysters’, oral presentation", at Aquaculture 2019, New Orleans, LA. She received a grant to present, "Investigating intertidal oyster reefs using photogrammetry" at 4-VA.

Warner Lowry co-presented "Induction of caulogenesis in a critically endangered African violet (Saintpaulia rupicola B.L. Burtt) for production of new plants" at the Association of Southeastern Biologist, Memphis, TN, and "Encapsulation of African violet (Saintpaulia rupicola B.L. Burtt) shoot primordia for mass propagation", at the Virginia Academy of Science, Norfolk, VA. He is co-published, Virginia Lamium galeabdolon (Linnaeus) Linnaeus (Lamiaceae)-Castanea

Hannah Eisemann Macmillan co-presented "Assessing Brook Trout (Salvelinus fontinalis) Populations Above and Below Waterfalls in Virginia" at the Association of Southeastern Biologists, Memphis Tennessee, and American Fisheries Society VA Chapter Meeting 2019, Maryland Water Monitoring Council Annual Meeting 2018, the Three Minute Thesis Competition at the 2019 Conference for Southern Graduate Schools, and the American Fisheries Society VA Chapter 2018 Meeting. She won First Place in JMU Graduate School's Three Minute Thesis Competition. She received a grant from the Washington Biologist Field Club, and four travel grants to attend regional conferences.

Jacob Peters presented "Quantification of intelligible influences on the distribution and health of American ginseng: Habitat modeling and field studies", at the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation Division of Natural Heritage, Richmond, VA and the Association of Southeastern Biologists, Memphis, TN. His co-authored research "Comparative Analysis of Four Maple Species for Syrup Production in South-Central Appalachia", was accepted for publication in the Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development. He received a National Science Foundation's Graduate Research Fellowship, a Garden Club of America Fellowship in Ecological Restoration, a Torrey Botanical Society Graduate Student Research Fellowship, a Southern Appalachian Botanical Society Earl Core Student Research Award, a Bodkin Scholarship for Arboretum and Botanical Field Studies, and a Graduate Student Association Travel Grant. Jacob was also the recipient of the Outstanding 1st Year Graduate Student Award in his department.

Sarah Schoen accepted for co-presentations "'Splitting up a complex mess: Sharpening the tools when the old ones don't cut it" and "Assessment of a 13 year old CREP restoration project at Smith Creek, Rockingham county, Virginia" at ASB, Memphis, TN. She was awarded a GSA Professional Development Grant.

Christine Verdream presented "Habitat Utilization and Impact of Flooding on James spinymussel (Parvaspina collina) Populations in Virginia Streams" at the Virginia Chapter of American Fisheries Society Meeting, the Association of Southeastern Biologists (ASB), and the Freshwater Mollusk Conservation Society. She received a Virginia Sea Grant Graduate Research Fellowship, a JMU Graduate School National Travel Grant and an FMCS Graduate Student Travel Award.

Combined-Integrated Clinical and School Psychology

Connesia Handford and Ariel Marrero, third year doctoral candidates, are co-authoring a book on racial trauma in the school system. Routledge Publishing approached these students at the conclusion of a presentation regarding their work at the National Association of School Psychology (NASP) conference in 2018. Their book, a comprehensive guide to understanding racial trauma from a clinical psychological perspective for school-based mental health professionals, will be published by Routledge Publishing.

Communication and Advocacy

Everett Brubaker received the Graduate School’s Civic Engagement Award, honors a graduate student’s academic, co-curricular, or service activities that exemplify JMU’s vision of civic engagement. Awardees have a demonstrated track record of curricular or co-curricular projects that cultivate sustainable collaborative relationships with community partners.

Kathryn Shedden received a JMU Graduate School Outstanding Thesis Award, recognizing superior scholarship, research and writing in a master’s thesis or culminating Ed.S. project for her thesis entitled, “(In) visibility and Meaning in Food Labor: A Feminist Autoethnography.”

Communication Sciences & Disorders

Victoria Andre presented a poster presenation entitled, "Musician advantage on children’s perception of speech in noise." at the American Auditory Society 2019 Scientific & Technology Meeting. Scottsdale, AZ.  

Paris Atabek presented three poster presenations at; the JMU Ruth Symposium of Audiology and Hearing Science, Harrisonburg, VA, the SHAV 2019 Conference, Richmond, VA, and the JMU Honors Symposium, Harrisonburg, VA, and cowrote "The medial canthus reference electrode is not electrically indifferent to the ocular vestibular evoked myogenic potential", Otology & Neurotology.Dec;39(10):e1069-e1077.

Erin Clinard presented a seminar presenation entitled, "Integrating high-fidelity simulation into pediatric dysphagia coursework.", and two clinical technical presentations entitled, "Translating an oral feeding readiness case study into a high-fidelity simulation" and "Implementing computer-based simulation in the University clinic: Lessons learned" at ASHA National Convention, Botston, MA. She was also published in American Journal of Speech-Language Pathology, 28(1), 136-147, and, Article 19800.

Linda Freeman presented poster presentations at; ASHA Online Conference: Spoken and Written Language in Adolescents: Fresh Solutions, the Symposium for Research in Child Language Disorders in Madison, WI, and the Virginia Speech, Language and Hearing Convention, and was published in ASHA Leader, 24 (1), 40-41.

Lindsay Griffin co-presented,"Establishing effective amplitude criterion for transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) using functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS)" at the American Speech-Language Hearing Association Convention, Boston, MA, and “Enhancing effectiveness of active tongue strengthening exercise using mental practice”, oral presentation at Dysphagia Research Society, 2019.

Shiree Harbick presented "Spoken language outcomes of interventions designed to facilitate infant-caregiver communication: A systematic review." at the Speech-Language-Hearing Association of Virginia Conference; Richmond, VA.

Lakshmi co-presented, "Digital Noise Reduction Hearing Aids: What is the Evidence of Benefit in Adults? Ruth Symposium in Audiology and Hearing Science", at James Madison University, and "Effect of Hair Covering on Directional Benefit" at the Annual convention of the Speech and Hearing Association of Virginia, Richmond, VA. She also cowrote "Consumer Perception of Personal Sound Amplification Products (PSAPs): A Preliminary Sentiment Analysis", an invited paper for a special issue of the American Journal of Audiology.

Michele Lenhart co-presented poster presentations, "Syntax Interventions for Students Who Struggle with Literacy: A Systematic Review", at the Symposium for Research in Child Language Disorders in Madison, WI, and "Syntax Interventions for Struggling Readers and Learners: A Systematic Review", at the Virginia Speech, Language and Hearing Convention.

Danielle Moss co-presented, "Examination of Morpho-Syntactic Production in Bahamian Creole English-Speaking Children", poster session at the Symposium for Research in Child Language Disorders in Madison, WI, and cowrote, "Social Communication Disorder", to appear in L. Cummings (Ed.) Pragmatic Language Disorders: Complex and Underserved Populations, Springer Publishing. She received a competitive selection and award of funding for the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association to participate in ASHA’s Minority Student Leadership Program, Boston, MA (Nov. 2018).

Danika Pfeiffer received a JMU Graduate School Outstanding Dissertation Award, recognizing superior scholarship, research and writing in a doctoral dissertation or MFA document, for her thesis entitled, “The Effects of an Interprofessional Emergent Writing Intervention for Preschoolers.” She presented with a few of her mentor professors at the 2018 American Speech-Language-Hearing Association Annual Convention, Boston, MA, the 2018 American Speech-Language-Hearing Association Annual Convention, Boston, MA. She has also published articles with a few mentor professors in EBP Briefs, 13(1), 1-10, and in Language, Speech, and Hearing Services in Schools. She was awarded a Student Researcher Travel Award, American Speech-Language Hearing Association for the 2018 American Speech-Language-Hearing Association Annual Convention, Boston, MA (2018, November) and has received a post-doctoral fellowship award to Kennedy-Krieger Institute of Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. She will be working with Rebecca Landa, PhD, CCC-SLP. Dr. Landa is the founder and director of the Center for Autism and Related Disorders (CARD) and the REACH research program at Kennedy Krieger Institute, and was awarded 

Daniel Romero presented podium presentations at; The American Balance Society Meeting. (February 2019), poster presentations at the Ruth Symposium, James Madison University (October 2018), the annual meeting of the American Balance Society, Scottsdale, AZ, poster presentations at; the annual meeting of the American Academy of Audiology, Columbus, OH, JMU Showcase of Graduate Scholarship and Creative Activity, Harrisonburg, VA. He cowrote "Diabetes and the Vestibular System", Seminars in Hearing, and was awarded a Summer Research Fellowship Award ($2,500) from the American Academy of Audiology in support of his project titled Vestibular Psychophysics: The Relationship Between Perception and the Vestibulo-Ocular Reflex.

Andrew Thorne presented a podium presentation at The American Balance Society Meeting. (February 2019), poster presentations at the Ruth Symposium, James Madison University (October 2018), and the annual meeting of the American Auditory Society, Scottsdale, AZ. He also received a competitive, NIH-NIDCD sponsored travel award to present his poster at the 2019 meeting of the American Auditory Society. He received the Vestibular Research Grant for Student Investigator from the American Academy of Audiology Foundation. “Effects of tonic muscle activation on amplitude-modulated cervical VEMPs.” ($4922, June 1, 2019 – May 31, 2020).

Emily Vayo co-presented "Augmented reality for at-home speech and language intervention" at the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association Conference; Boston, MA.   

Abbey Weist co-presented "Induction of nocebo effects by verbal suggestions during the caloric test", poster presentation at the SHAV 2019 Conference, Richmond, VA

Julian White was awarded a Virginia Department of Education/Federal IDEA Fund of $5,003.00, for her collaborative work on "Dysphagia Management in the Schools: Learning Modules".


Danielle Harris rreceived a Fulbright to teach in Bulgaria during the 2019-2020 school year.

Madison Kambic received a Fulbright award to teach English in the Czech Republic during the 2019-2020 school year.

Alex Riddell received a Fulbright award to teach English in Poland during the 2019-2020 school year. 

Tricey Splan received a Fulbright award to serve as an English teaching assistant in Austria during the 2019-2020 school year. Tricey will also be conducting research with a program for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDDs). 

Educational Technology

Kelsey Pacer is presenting 4 poster sessions; "PBL - Not a Four-Letter Word!" = Technology-infused PBL ideas and training materials, "Google Arts and Culture - More than a Pretty Picture!" - Google Arts and Culture, "What's That Smell? How to Be the Fertilizer that Helps Your School Grow" - Coaching ideas, and "VR Creations with Panoform" - Panoform, at the annual conference of the International Society for Technology in Education in Philadelphia June 23-26, 2019.


Matthew Wingfield presented “The Virilization of the Cuban Image in Post-Revolutionary Propaganda” at the Stony Brook Latin American and Caribbean Studies 18th Annual Graduate Conference hosted by SUNY Stony Brook and Columbia University.


 Gabrielle Giersch (and co-authors) published her thesis project “The Effect of the CYP1A2-163 C>A Polymorphism on Caffeine Metabolism and Subsequent Cycling Performance” in the Journal of Caffeine and Adenosine Research, 2018

Nicole Gilbertson (and co-authors) published her thesis project “Combining Supervised Run Sprint Interval Training or Moderate Intensity Continuous Training with the Diabetes Prevention Program on Clinical Outcomes” in the European Journal of Applied Physiology, 2019 10.1007/s00421-019-04137-2

Taylor Landry (and co-authors) published his thesis project “Caffeine Added to Coffee does not Alter the Acute Testosterone Response to Exercise in Resistance Trained Males” in the Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness, 2019 In Press

Paul Roberson (and co-authors) published his thesis project “Time of Day, But Not Sleep Restriction, Affects Markers Of Hemostasis Following Heavy Exercise” in Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism, 2019


Janet M. Hostetter received the JMU Graduate School’s Community Engagement Award, honoring her exemplary project-based work in the community, demonstrating the interconnection between the academic goals of the student’s program and the needs of the community.

Music Education

Jon M. Stapleton received a JMU Graduate School Outstanding Thesis Award, recognizing superior scholarship, research and writing in a master’s thesis or culminating Ed.S. project, for his thesis entitled,  “Music Making, Teaching, and Learning in Chiptune Communities.”

Physician Assistant

Hannah Crain won Second Place at the Three Minute Thesis Competition for her thesis presentation entitled, “Comparing Effectiveness of Colonoscopy Versus Fecal Immunochemical Testing in Screening for Colorectal Cancer.”

Blake Rogers (MPAS, 2018) has been named the Marketing Director and the Social Media Committee Chair for the Virginia Academy of Physician Assistants. Mr. Rogers has also been named a member of the Early Career PA Commission, and the Awards Committee Chair for the American Academy of Physician Assistants.  Blake is originally from the Harrisonburg area, but currently resides in South Boston, VA. He works as physician assistant for Pulmonary Associates of Southside.

Psychological Sciences

Nikole Gregg received a JMU Graduate School Outstanding Thesis Award, recognizing superior scholarship, research and writing in a master’s thesis or culminating Ed.S. project for her thesis entitled, “Beyond Motivation: Differences in Score Meaning between Assessment Conditions.”

Kathryn Thompson received a Graduate Showcase Research Presentation Award for her thesis presentation entitled, “Distractor Analysis: A Comparison of CTT and IRT”.

School Psychology

Kaitlyn Carter received the "Virginia Academy of School Psychologists’ Outstanding Graduate Student of the Year" Award.

Sport and Recreation Leadership

Stevie Shickel Lee received the JMU Graduate School’s Innovation Award, recognizing her outstanding work in crafting, designing, and launching the Appalachian Forest School, an outdoor pre-school and day care. This award recognizes outstanding innovation throughout a student’s graduate career. Students nominated should have demonstrated a track record of innovation and creativity in their program of study, showcasing the student’s success in introducing new ideas, processes, methods, creative expressions, or products/devices as part of their academic study.

Yannick Franz received the Colonial Athletic Association Commissioner’s Academic Award.

Dominic Infanti received the 2019 NIRSA Region II Student Excellence Scholarship.

Katie Regan received the 2019 NIRSA William N. Wasson Student Leadership & Academic Award, the 2019 VRSA Award of Merit, and the 2019 NIRSA Region II Student Excellence Scholarship. She also received a grant to present "Taking Control of Your Wellness" and "HIIT the Kettlebells" at the Southeast Collegiate Fitness Expo, Wilmington, NC, February 22-24, 2019.

Strategic Leadership

Guy DeBrun a doctoral candidate in the Postsecondary Concentration, was selected to serve as a reviewer for the Journal of Outdoor Recreation Education and Leadership (JOREL), and was the recipient of the annual Jim Rennie Leadership Award presented by the national Association for Outdoor Recreation and Education

Brooke Z. Graham, (with co-author Wayne F. Cascio) published "The Employer-Branding Journey: Its relationship with cross-cultural branding, brand reputation, and brand repair", Management Research: Journal of the Iberoamerican Academy of Management, 2018.,

Gregory Harris received a JMU Graduate School Outstanding Dissertation Award for his dissertation entitled, “Perceived Principal Servant Leadership and Teacher Stress.”

Salib Iskandarova presented paper presentations; "Developing a Unique Educational Experience for Children Museum using a Mobile Application" and "Effect of Different Instructor(s) on CAMPing" at the Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education (SITE) 2019 Conference, Las Vegas, NV. She paper, "Creating scholar-leaders: A case for experiential-learning at the PhD level", was also accepted for presentation at Nonprofit Academic Centers Council 2019 Biennial Conference, London, England. 

Jalal Maqableh provided expert insight and advice on how immigrant entrepreneurs can be successful in the United States for the article “Immigrant Entrepreneurs: Everything You Need to Know to Get Started,” featured on Business News Daily. Article available at:

Kyle McCarrell co-presented a paper presentation entitled, "Credentialing: A Study of Non-Credit to Credit Conversion Activities" at 2019 Association for Institutional Research Forum, Denver, CO, was awarded a $500 national travel grant from JMU Graduate School, and has accepted a new position as Executive Director of the Library at McHenry County College.

Elizabeth Narehood was awarded a travel grant from SACSCOC to attend 2018 SACSCOC Annual Meeting Conference in New Orleans, LA, held December 8-11, 2018 (estimated award ~$1,000), and accepted a new position as Title III Project Director at Central Virginia Community College.

Sami Nuristani co-authored, “A Model of the Institutionalization of Corruption During the Rebuilding Process”, Journal of Public Integrity, 2018,, paper, "Corruption in Afghanistan: Exploring the link between governance quality and social capital", was accepted for presentation at The 3rd Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action Asia Conference, Taichung, Taiwan, and was also awarded a $700 international travel grant from the JMU Graduate School.

Theresa Reimbold served as a reviewer for two articles in Nonprofit Management & Leadership (NML) journal in fall 2018. Renowned as one of the top nonprofit leadership journals, NML is the first journal to bring together the best thinking and most advanced knowledge about the special needs, challenges, and opportunities of nonprofit organizations.

Michael Speight- accepted a new position at University of Virginia Health Foundation as Associate Director of Development for Cancer Programs.

Nick Swayne (with collaborators Sean McCarthy, Audrey Barnes, Keith S Holland, Erica Lewis, and Patrice Ludwig) presented “Making It: Institutionalizing Collaborative Innovation in Public Higher Education” at the 4th International Conference on Higher Education Advances (HEAd’18), and received the Governor's Technology Award in the Innovative Use of Technology in Education autonomous vehicle course at the Commonwealth of Virginia Innovative Technology Symposium (COVITS) on September 5, 2018. 

Veyna, M. & Lind, T. "Internal Determinants of Graduate Program Giving" paper was accepted for presentation at the Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action’s 48th Annual Conference, San Diego, CA.

Writing, Rhetoric and Technical Communication

Morgan Vega Gomez received a Graduate Showcase Poster Presentation Award for her thesis presentation entitled, “Social Justice Activism through Creativity, Communication, and Literacy.”

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