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Congratulations to the graduate students and faculty honored with Graduate School Awards and participants of the Graduate Showcase of Scholarship and Creative Activities!

The awards and events highlight the important contributions that graduate students make to the JMU community.

Thank you to the faculty and students who support the Graduate Showcase and Awards as program planners, reviewers and members of the juries.

We are proud of the accomplishments of all our graduate students.


Three Minute Thesis Competition Awards

First Place  

 Briana Craig
 Psychological Sciences
 Propensity Score Matching and Generalized Boosted Modeling in the Context of Model Misspecification

     Second Place (and People's Choice Award)

Christine Verdream
Habitat Utilization and Impact of Flooding on James spinymussel (Parvaspina collina) Populations in Virginia Streams

     Third Place (Tie)

Alexander Brooks
Under Cover of Lightness: How Mixed-Race Americans Navigated the Racial Codes of Antebellum America

     Third Place (Tie)

Ruth Bowers-Sword
Assessing hunting pressures and the population status of Preuss's red colobus, Piliocolobus preussi, and other primates in the Ebo-Makombe-Ndokbou forest, Cameroon


Outstanding Dissertation Awards

Social Sciences, Business, Health, Behavioral Studies 

     Karen Weeks
     Doctor of Nursing Practice
     Advisor: Dr. Jennie Garber
Implementing a Discharge Navigator on Reducing 30-Day Readmissions for Heart Failure and Sepsis Populations, December 2019.


     Visual and Performing Arts

     Janet Hostetter
     Doctor of Musical Arts
     Advisor: Dr. Jo-Anne van der Vat-Chromy
Tone Production, Musicianship Training, Repertoire Development, Performance Practice: A        Pedagogical Overview of Selected International Children’s Choirs, May 2019.


Outstanding Thesis Awards

STEM, Health, and Behavioral Studies

             Maddison Miles
             Psychological Sciences, M.A.
             Advisor: Dr. Bernice A. Marcopulos

             Pain-Related Fear: Metacognitive and Health Belief Predictors of Cogniphobia, May 2019.

Education, Social Sciences, and Humanities

Lauren Jefferson
Equity and Cultural Diversity, M.Ed.
Advisor: Dr. Stephanie Wasta

How Successful High School Boys Soccer Coaches Perceive and Develop Cultural Competency: A Grounded Theory Approach, May 2019.  

Visual and Performing Arts

Chris Cohen
Master of Fine Arts
Advisor: Cole Welter

WHITE NOISE, May 2019.

The Graduate School Innovation Award

Andrea Pope
Assessment and Measurement, PhD
Dr. Sara Finney 

The Graduate School Civic Engagement Award

Sarah Koth
Communication and Advocacy, M.A.
Dr. Pete Bsumek


Graduate Showcase of Scholarship & Creative Activity Awards

Graduate student presenters were awarded top honors from a jury of faculty and graduate students.

Top Oral Presentation Award

Julian White
Communication Sciences and Disorders, Ph.D.

Effect of Pulse Rate on Neonatal Modified Barium Swallow Study Recommendations

Oral Presentation Certificate of Merit

Sean York
Assessment and Measurement, Ph.D. 

Effect of Pulse Rate on Neonatal Modified Barium Swallow Study Recommendations

Top Poster Presentation Award

Olivia Garcia and Caroline Puglia
Master of Occupational Therapy

The Meaning of Engagement in Dance for Parkinson's on Participant's Self Efficacy, Quality of Life and Occupational Performance

Poster Presentation Certificate of Merit

Michelle Lenhart
Communications Sciences and Disorder: Doctor of Philosophy

Syntax Interventions for Struggling Readers and Learners: A Systematic Review


Graduate Student Association IMPACT Awards

Student Honoree

Amy Ross
Sport and Recreation Leadership 

Faculty Honoree

Shiree Harbick
Communication Sciences and Disorders 

Program Honoree

Physicians Assistant Studies

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