Congratulations to the graduate students and faculty honored at the Graduate School Awards and participants of the Graduate Showcase of Scholarship and Creative Activities!

Both events highlight the important contributions that graduate students make to the JMU community.

Thank you to the faculty and students who support the Graduate Showcase and Awards as program planners, reviewers and members of the juries.

We are proud of the accomplishments of all our graduate students.



Outstanding Thesis Awards

STEM, Health, and Behavioral Studies

Grant Ostrander
Psychological Sciences, M.A.
Advisor:  Dr. Melanie Shoup-Knox

The Impact of Fertility Cues on Intrasexual Competition and Threat Perception

Education, Social Sciences, and Humanities

Taylor Johnson
Communication and Advocacy, M.A.
Advisor:  Dr. Matthew Brigham

Tension and Complexity in Decolonial Advocacy:  A Rhetorical Analysis of Situated Approaches in Western Shoshone, Bikinian, and Hawaiian Resistance to Militarized Colonialism


The Graduate School Innovation Award

Jon M. Stapleton
School of Music, M.M. in Music Education
Dr. David Stringham


The Graduate School Community Engagement Award

Laura Mack
Communication and Advocacay, M.A.
Dr. Melissa Aleman

The Graduate School Civic Engagement Award

Austin Shifflett
English, M.A.
Kate Morris

Graduate Showcase of Scholarship & Creative Activity Awards

Graduate student presenters were awarded top honors from a jury of faculty and graduate students.

Top Presentation Award

Beth Perkins
Assessment and Measurement, PhD
Project Advisor: Dr. Sara J. Finney
Remain Calm, This is Only a Test:  Emotional Reactions During Testing and Their Relation to Performance

Top Poster Awards

Emily Murray
Biology, M.S.
Project Advisor: Dr. Heather Griscom
The Effect of Soil Type, Liming, and Mycorrhizal Inoculum on American Genseng

Matt Tieszen
Physician Assistant, M.P.A.S.
Project Advisor: Dr. Erika Kancler
Vitamin C in the Treatment of Septic Shock

Danika Pheiffer
Speech Pathology, M.S.
Project Advisor: Dr. Stacey L. Pavelko
Interprofessional Practice in Schools: A Survey of Speech-Language Pathologists

Kyle McCarrell
Strategic Leadership, PhD
Project Advisor: Dr. Ben Selznick
"Factors within the Community College Survey of Student Engagement"

Graduate Student Association IMPACT Awards

Student Honoree

Mollie Blafer
College Student Personnel Administration

Faculty Honoree

Dr. Christine May
Associate Professor, Graduate Biology

Program Honoree

Occupational Therapy

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