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Congratulations to the graduate students and faculty honored at the Graduate School Awards and participants of the Graduate Showcase of Scholarship and Creative Activities!

Both events highlight the important contributions that graduate students make to the JMU community.

Thank you to the faculty and students who support the Graduate Showcase and Awards as program planners, reviewers and members of the juries.

We are proud of the accomplishments of all our graduate students.


Outstanding Dissertation Awards

Visual and Performing Arts

Dr. Mark Ardrey-Graves
School of Music, D.M.A.
Advisor: Dr. Jo-Anne van der Vat-Chromy
“More Divine than Human”: Early Tudor Plainchant and Polyphony of the Lenten Compline Office in the Use of Salisbury, 1485 – 1558

Social Sciences, Business, Health and Behavioral Studies

Dr. Laura Hunt-Trull
School of Strategic Leadership Studies, Ph.D.
Advisor: Dr. Karen Ford
A Mixed Methods Study of Head Start Family Service Worker Qualifications and Family Service Utilization: Implications for Policy and Leadership


Outstanding Thesis Awards

STEM, Health, and Behavioral Studies

Elisabeth Pyburn
Psychological Sciences, M.A.
Advisor: Dr. Jeanne Horst
Persons Can Speak Louder Than Variables: Person-Centered Analysis and the Prediction of Student Success

Education, Social Sciences, and Humanities

Sevinj Iskandarova
Adult Education/Human Resource Development, M.S.Ed.
Advisor: Dr. Oris Griffin
The Effects of Cross-Cultural Differences on Team Performance within an Educational Setting


The Graduate School Community Engagement Award

Charlé McCauley
Communication and Advocacy, M.A.
Advisor: Dr. Lori Britt

Graduate Showcase of Scholarship & Creative Activity Awards

Graduate student presenters were awarded top honors from a jury of faculty and graduate students.

Top Presentation Award

Sebastian Haboczki
Project Advisor: Kevin McMillan
The Incorporation of Hungarian Folk Song in Kodály’s Psalmus Hungaricus

Top Poster Awards

Danielle Blot
Adult Education/Human Resource Development
Project Advisor: Dr. Oris Griffin
How Women Navigate a Career in STEM and Respond to the Challenges Created by the Lack of Gender Diversity in the Industry

Melissa McCann
Project Advisor: Kevin McMillan
Vibrato Rate in Female Opera Singers and Female Sertanejo Singers

Caroline “Kate” L. Nesmith
Art Education
Project Advisor: Dr. Karin Tollefson-Hall
Teaching for Artistic Behavior: A Collective Case Study


Graduate Student Association IMPACT Awards

Student Honoree

Kathryn Lese
Communication & Advocacy

Faculty Honoree

Brian Cockburn
Director, Music Library

Provost’s Award for Excellence in Graduate Advising

Dr. Heather Carmack
School of Communication Studies

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