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JMU's collaboration with Eastern Mennonite University's IEP program

Prospective students who would like to improve their English-language proficiency prior to enrolling in a JMU graduate degree program may request a conditional admittance while they complete Eastern Mennonite University's Intensive English Program (EMU-IEP).

  • The EMU-IEP provides 20 hours of classes per week to develop students’ academic language skills in the areas of listening, speaking, reading, and writing.  The EMU-IEP program evaluates students and makes recommendations based on a student’s performance in EMU-IEP classes and on EMU-IEP placement tests. The TOEFL or IELTS will not be required by JMU if the EMU-IEP program is completed and a certificate submitted.
  • Students typically complete the EMU-IEP in 4 to 12 months depending on their English proficiency at the time of entry.  If students feel they are ready to exit the program earlier than EMU-IEP recommends then they are welcome to take the TOEFL or IELTS exam and submit the official score to JMU.
  • GRE/GMAT scores (if your program requires them) can be postponed until completion of the EMU-IEP program.

How can you apply using the IEP-JMU collaboration?

  1. Apply to The Graduate School at James Madison University by completing the Online Application and upload a course-by-course Credential Evaluation with Transcripts in English, a Financial Responsibility Form, and pay the $60.00 (USD) application fee. Additionally, each program has specific requirements --> visit the Program page for details.
  2. Send an email to The Graduate School at Subject: "International Student Coordinator", and in the body of the email state: "I would like to enroll in the EMU-IEP program", and include your name and the name of the program you are applying to.  (NOTE: failure to send this email will stop your application from being reviewed by the program of interest.)
  3. Your application will be reviewed by the program using your academic background and potential for success as the criteria, therefore, admission is not guaranteed. If you are accepted into a program, you will receive a letter with the condition to complete the EMU-IEP program at Eastern Mennonite University (or submit a new passing TOEFL or IELTS score). For programs that also require the GRE/GMAT test, it will state that you will need to take the test by a specific date and earn a satisfactory score.
  4. After you receive your decision letter from JMU, complete the EMU-IEP application process: Apply: EMU-IEP. EMU will be the institution to issue the I-20 form to process your student visa.
  5. Stay in touch with your JMU adviser via email as stated in your letter.
  6. Complete the EMU-IEP program and receive the English competency level certificate.
  7. Finish the EMU-IEP program and submit the official EMU-IEP certificate of completion to JMU.
  8. Receive paperwork to process a new student visa from the Office of International Programs from JMU.
  9. Register for classes at JMU after talking with your adviser.
  10. If required, submit official GRE/GMAT scores within the timeframe given in your conditional admission letter from JMU. Any other conditions for admission stated in your letter must also be satisfied before you can become unconditional and fully admitted.

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