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"Intl Dukedog's Quick Recipes for Success is a series of 25-minute (or less) sessions at 5pm on Mondays during which I share all of my secrets for how to become a successful JMU student both in and outside of the classroom!" Download a copy of the event flyer and share it with your friends!


Meet us in the CGE lounge (Madison Hall 2nd floor):

9/9 "Did you read that?"

9/16 "Communicating Skillfully. How?"

9/23 "Study Break: Let's De-Stress!"

9/30: "Are we in the same group?"

Did you miss our previous session(s)?

We're sorry that we missed you. The handouts are meant to provide you with some of our tips and advice along with some specific resources for your to turn to. Considering that these "Quick Recipes For Success" are meant for us to connect with you and provide a venue for us to give you some specific tips and advise, in addition to this worksheet feel free to contact Thomas.


9/9: Did you read that?

During this workshop we addressed the following questions: How can one keep up with all of their assigned reading? How can one balance so many reading assignments? Are specific strategies for reading and studying more effectively? || Download the handout ||

9/16: Communicating Skifully, How?

Communication is large term and which varies according to the many contexts in which it is taking place: face to face, virtually via e-mail or through social media. Even when you consider a face to face conversation, how should behave will depend on the individuals' connections with one another. For example, making small talk with classmate or one's peers, or communicating with a prof can be challenging.  || Download the handout ||

9/23: Study Break: Let's De-stress!

So you have lots of reading, midterms, places to be, and other commitments. How can you handle all of this stress? What strategies exist out there to help you alleviate your stress? What effective methods do returning students use to de-stress?  || Download the handout ||

 9/30: "Are we in the same group?"

Working in groups is not just a matter of knowing your classmates' names, and figuring out who is doing what? It entails learning how everyone can work with each other knowing their strengths, accountability and personalities. What does it take to create an effective? What role should you be playing?  || Download the handout ||

Contact Information:

Thomas Lavenir

(540) 568-7314

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