It is extremely important to maintain your personal well-being as you face the academic rigors of University life which can be demanding, stressful and overwhelming.  JMU has a number of excellent resources to assist in creating and maintaining a healthy personal well-being.  These resources are available to all JMU students free of charge (except if otherwise noted, i.e. massages at UREC).      

Medical concerns

What to do in the event of illness or injury?

For illness and minor injuries: your first stop should be the JMU Health Center. JMU has a full-service, on-campus health center available, which is available for free to all full-time and part-time students.  The Health Center offers appointments with doctors and/or nurses, immunizations, allergy medications, prescriptions, nutrition information, a pharmacy, and many other medical services. If you have a cold, the flue, a minor accident, an infection, or you just don't know what is wrong - make an appointment at the Health Center. Do not run to the hospital!

University Health Center is located in the Student Success Center. Call for an appointment: 540-568-6178

Important note about the Emergency Room at a hospital: Emergency Rooms in the US are for serious, possibly life-threatening injuries or illnesses.  Students should NOT visit the emergency room for minor or moderate health care concerns. If you visit the emergency room and you are not admitted for care, you will be responsible for the $500 payment for the ER visit. See the Health Insurance page to read the CISI policy brochure for more information.

For routine or specialized care: you can also make an appointment with a local doctor, either a general practitioner or a specialist. Search for doctors in the Harrisonburg area: http://www.providerlookuponline.com/coventry/po7/Search.aspx then click on First Health Network. (Doctors through this search function are considered “in-network” for students with CISI health insurance coverage.)

Other health care options: if you have an urgent medical need outside of the JMU or doctors’ offices business hours or cannot wait for an appointment, you can go to a local Urgent Care facility to have a medical professional address your health concerns.

1840 E Market Street
(540) 432-3080

343 Neff Avenue Suite C
(540) 432-9969

Valley Urgent Care
119B University Ave
(540) 434-5709

This document provides more information for seeking health care while at JMU.

Wellness and Personal Well-being

JMU Counseling & Student Development Center

Studying outside one’s home country can be very exciting. However, you may be faced with a lot of decisions and choices, you may find yourself having difficulties relating to others or finding individuals who can relate to you as well as feeling lonely. If you were at home, you would talk with a family member or a trusted friend, but these people may not always be available to you here!

The Counseling & Student Development Center can help! No problem is too big or small. In the past, international students have come to the CSDC to talk about:

  • Culture Adjustment/shock,
  • Academic Problems related to adjusting to a new system, and/or not doing as well as you expected,
  • Learning New Skills to better understand and communicate with professors and classmates
  • Discrimination or not being understood if English is a second language
  • Dating issues or concerns regarding sexuality or sex
  • Difficulties with time management or finances
  • Feelings of loneliness and homesickness

Contact information: (540) 568-6552

University Recreation Center

“Motivate Madison into Motion” is the goal of JMU’s Recreation Center (UREC).  They provide a wide variety of facilities (weight room, exercise equipment, swimming pool, etc.), programs (intramural sports, adventure, etc.), classes (aquatics, fitness, etc.), and events (5K Run/Walk, UREC Beach Party, Reach out Climb, etc.) to the JMU community.  Check out their website for a complete list of facilities, programs, classes, and events. 

Student Wellness & Outreach 

Student Wellness and Outreach (SWO) coordinates university-wide health promotion programs and initiatives on a variety of health and wellness topics, such as general wellness and nutrition, disordered eating, sexual assault prevention, sexual health, relationships, substance abuse, and stress management.  SWO accomplishes this through the use of evidence-based practices centered on education, prevention, and empowerment in making healthy lifestyle choices.  Individual and group counseling, referrals and crisis support services are available especially in the areas of sexual assault and relationships.

Campus Coalition Against Sexual Assault

Student Wellness & Outreach provides advocacy, referrals, and support for students who are survivors of sexual assault and their significant others and friends.  These services are provided to all students, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, or when the assault occurred.  Contact information:  Student Success Center or (540)568-4066.


JMU is concerned for the safety of all people. The JMU Department of Public Safety has programs and resources available for students, faculty, staff, and community members. You will see the JMU police officers around campus on foot, bike, and in cars. If you ever need assistance and they are not around, you can call them. The number can be found on the back of your JACard. See more information on their website and in the resource list below.

Emergency: 540-568-6911

Non-Emergency: 540-568-6912

Health and Safety Resources:

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