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February 21, 2017 Update: The Department of Homeland Security has issued several new guidelines which will significantly increase the enforcement of deportations of undocumented individuals who have committed crimes.  These guidelines specific exclude DACA recipients and, in a Press Conference, the White House stated that DACA will remain intact for now.  Any individual whose DACA status will expire in the next five months should consider filing an application for renewal as soon as possible. 

August 2017 Update:  Although President Trump has allowed the DACA program to continue, several states have threatened a lawsuit to challenge the order, with a September 5th deadline for the President to end the program or face the lawsuit.  CNN reports that advocacy groups on are “high alert” and working to find ways to save the program. 

September 1, 2017 Update: President Trump has stated that his decision about DACA would come “soon.”  There remains significant support for the continuation of DACA, including statements from a growing number of Republican leaders.  However, there is also substantial opposition and strong pressure on the President to sign an Executive Order which would end DACA.  We will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates as available. 

JMU continues to support all of our students and wants DACA students to know that we stand ready to do everything legally possible to support your continued enrollment at JMU.  An informational session will be open to the public on Thursday,  September 7, 4:30PM in SSC1075.  Updated information will be provided and there will be ample time for questions and answers.  Faculty, staff and students are all welcome.  

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