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The Center for Global Engagement is very much aware of the particular and specific issues, concerns and needs of Third Culture Kids (TCKs) and of U.S. students who live abroad. We welcome the opportunity to know you but also to assist you with your smooth and successful transition to JMU!


Transitions is the orientation program for new international students and students who live abroad. It will take place on January 15-18 (just before the first day of classes January 19) during which we will:

  • Coordinate your arrival logistics by providing an airport pick-up, as well as your early move-in to your residence hall on that same day. We will bring bank officials on-campus so you can set-up a bank account. We will arrange for a couple of shopping trips. We will provide a campus tour and ensure that you obtain your JACard
  • Organize some times for you to connect with one another during presentations, meals and over games and fun activities so that you become more familiar with the campus, its culture and many resources.
  • Cover immigration policies, academic and social expectations to help you become successful.

If you want to partake in it, please register today!

How can I get to JMU?

Dulles International Airport [IAD]

We recommend that you fly in to Dulles International Airport. It is located approximately 2 hours (driving distance) from JMU.

  • In the Fall semester (August) we provide 2 shuttles to pick you (students only) up at no cost (as long as you register):
    • 9:30am Purple Bus: Dulles Airport Comfort Inn lobby
    • 2pm Gold Bus: Dulles International Airport- Baggage Area 11
  • In the Spring semester (January): We provide 1 shuttle to pick you up (students only) on Saturday, January 11 2020 around 1pm from the Dulles International Airport- Baggage Area 11

 Alternative options:

  • The Virginia Breeze/the Mega Bus provides a daily round-trip to JMU/Harrisonburg and the Dulles international Airport. The cost is approximately $40.
  • Shenandoah Regional Airport [SHD] is the closest airport, only 25 minutes away (driving distance) from JMU/Harrisonburg. To get to JMU/Harrisonburg, arrange (online) for a shuttle to transport you to Harrisonburg/JMU. The cost is approximately $40.
Where can I stay overnight?

Near the Dulles Airport- These hotels offer a free shuttle to and from the airport.

In Harrisonburg-


You may have many questions on your mind, including the following ones:

  • How do I complete the One Book emergency notification step?
  • What about my tuition and fees?
  • Should I bring my cell phone?
  • Will there be linen in my room?
  • What is my JMU mailing address?
  • Who are the LINKers?

You will find the answers to these questions in this Transitions- Students Who Live Abroad FAQ Handout and in the Resources section of our webpage too. For more questions comments and concerns, please contact:

Thomas Lavenir- (540) 568-7314.

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