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The Orientation Office and the Center for Global Engagement have planned Transitions particularly with the specific issues, concerns and needs of students who are J-1 and F-1 visa holders in mind to help students with their smooth and successful transition to JMU.


Transitions is the required orientation program for every new international students  (or F-1 visa holders) and is optional for US students who live abroad. To best address the needs of our global dukes, federally mandated information, and students' preferences, and to help us best coordinate logistical details, students are to decide which Transitions orientation program they need to register for:

Option A: August 20-23 - This 3-day program (prior to the 1787 orientation program) is specifically designed for students who live abroad in mind, during which we will:

  • Coordinate students' arrival logistics by providing an airport pick-up (for students only), as well as students' early move-in to their residence hall on that same day. We will bring bank officials on-campus so they can set-up a bank account. We will arrange for a couple of shopping trips. We will provide a campus tour and ensure that students obtain their JACard
  • Organize some times for students to connect with one another, and with the LINKers during presentations, meals and over games and fun activities so that they become more familiar with the campus, its culture and many resources.
  • Cover immigration policies, academic and social expectations to help students become successful.

Option B: August 30 @3pm - This 2-hour program will cover only the mandatory immigration and health insurance material that every F-1 student holders need to know. If you do not want to partake in Option A you are required to attend this short program.

Parent Info Session

Your student is heading off to JMU and is about to begin a new life. From newfound freedom and an abundance of new choices to a new set of a multitude of responsibilities. The challenge is how to be involved while ensuring that your student is the one making the decisions. As such, your role is changing, too, and we want to help you prepare for the transition.

A special session offered for family members of our global dukes is offered on the first morning of orientation (August 21, 2020). We will provide a campus tour, an overview of the implications of immigration policies, culture and language as they apply to your student, as well as address the specific questions and concerns that you may have.

Useful Information

FERPA: for Parents- As a general rule, per FERPA or the Federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, the release of information related to grades, progress reports, exams, enrollment verifications, the request of transcripts, and crisis situations/emergencies related information is only to be disclosed to the students themselves. Unless the student has provided written authorization that specifically identifies what information may be released to the parent(s), they will not be provided with any information concerning a student.

Office of Parent Relations- The Office of Parent Relations provides families of current students with programs, services and information to enhance their understanding of the student experience and better support their student's academic and social growth.

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