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International Graduate Orientation

The Graduate School and the Center for Global Engagement have organized the following assistance and orientation sessions to help with your smooth and successful transition to JMU:

  • Monday, Aug. 10 
    • @1pm - Transportation Assistance from the Dulles International Airport (IAD) to campus
  • Tuesday, Aug. 11 
    • @11:30am - Lunch in the famous DHall & Campus Tour
  • Wednesday, Aug. 12 
    • @ 12pm - Lunch & Transitioning to JMU and Harrisonburg
  • Thursday, Aug. 13
    • @ 8:30am - Graduate Orientation, coordinated by The Graduate School
    • @ 1:30pm - Immigration Session [Required session]
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If you will be attending JMU in the Spring or Summer semester, please contact Thomas Lavenir directly to assist with your smooth arrival and transition.

Where can I stay overnight?

Near the Dulles Airport - These hotels offer a free shuttle to and from the airport.

In Harrisonburg:

How can I get to JMU?

Dulles International Airport [IAD]

We recommend that you fly in to Dulles International Airport. It is located approximately 2 hours (driving distance) from JMU. We provide a shuttle to pick you (students only) up at no cost (as long as you make the necessary reservation:

  • Monday, August 10 @1pm Dulles International Airport [IAD]- Baggage Area 11

 Alternative options:

  • The Virginia Breeze/the Mega Bus provides a daily round-trip to JMU/Harrisonburg and the Dulles international Airport. The cost is approximately $40.
  • Shenandoah Regional Airport [SHD] is the closest airport, only 25 minutes away (driving distance) from JMU/Harrisonburg. To get to JMU/Harrisonburg, arrange (online) for a shuttle to transport you to Harrisonburg/JMU. The cost is approximately $40.
Where will I live?
  • The Off-Campus Life (OCL) office’s to helping students with their housing search and living off-campus. Refer yourself to the listing website to look for available roommate and/or apts. Moreover, the Housing Guide and the OCL Guidebook will come-in very handy in gaining necessary knowledge and skills to make informed decisions within the JMU off-campus community.
  • Refer yourself to this "Looking for a place to live" handout (specifically designated for international graduate students) to follow some useful tips and advice in obtaining an off-campus apt.
What about my tuition and fees?

If you have a Graduate Assistantship, it will cover your tuition and you will be provided some stipend… though please note that it may not cover additional fees.

Your specific and detailed bill will only be accessible in Madison Money Manager (M3), via MyMadison. A preliminary breakdown of JMU tuition charges can be found on the Business Office’s website.

When you are calculating the cost of your bill, keep in mind that there will be additional fees beyond the cost of (out of state) tuition:

The Business Office's Payment Method section lists the many ways that you can pay including if you want to grant viewing and paying access to your relatives. Because having a bank account in the U.S. will facilitate the transfer of funds, we will arrange for you to set-up a bank account.

What should I be doing now?

In the meantime, take care of the following steps:

  • Register for the international graduate student orientation
  • Register for the graduate student orientation
  • Complete the new student checklist
Should I bring my cell phone?

In your welcome package, along with your immigration document (I-20 or DS2019), a U.S. SIM card was provided to allow you to configure your new sim card prior to leaving your country, so that you can use your phone as soon as you arrive in the U.S.

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Contact info.
  • Thomas Lavenir - for information related to your adjustment and the arrival process.

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