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When should I arrive on-campus?

Transitions will take place January 15 - 18 just before the first day of classes (Tuesday, January 19).

Plan to arrive to arrive on January 15 or earlier to take advantage of the airport pick up assistance (provided to students only) and when you arrive on campus we will help you move-in to your assigned residence hall. We will also go shopping to ensure that you have some bed sheets fr you to sleep in and for you to acquire some basic necessities (if needed).

During the next few days we will introduce you to your new home. We will cover some important and mandatory information but we also plan to show you your your campus, all of which will be mixed with some fun activities, personal connections and the keys to be a successful global Dukes!

To best ensure your early move-in and your smooth transitions,
complete the Transitions Registration Form.

Please note: Prior to your arrival in Harrisonburg and JMU, on

Saturday, Nov. 7 at 10:30 am (Harrisonburg time or EST)

Join our virtual Pre-Arrival Transitions Info. Session (via Zoom)

To help you figure out the pre-arrival steps you need to take care of as well as obtain the answers to some of the questions, comments and/or concerncs you may have face to face!

Where can I stay overnight?

Near the Dulles Airport- These hotels offer a free shuttle to and from the airport.

In Harrisonburg-

How can I get to JMU?

Dulles International Airport [IAD]

We recommend that you fly in to Dulles International Airport. It is located approximately 2 hours (driving distance) from JMU.

 Alternative options:

  • The Virginia Breeze/the Mega Bus provides a daily round-trip to JMU/Harrisonburg and the Dulles international Airport. The cost is approximately $40.
  • Shenandoah Regional Airport [SHD] is the closest airport, only 25 minutes away (driving distance) from JMU/Harrisonburg. To get to JMU/Harrisonburg, arrange (online) for a shuttle to transport you to Harrisonburg/JMU. The cost is approximately $40.
Contact Info

You may have many questions on your mind, including the following ones:

  • What about my tuition and fees?
  • Should I bring my cell phone?
  • Will there be linen in my room?
  • What is my JMU mailing address?
  • Who are the LINKers?

You will find the answers to these questions in this handout and plenty of useful information in the Resources section of our webpage. For more questions comments and concerns, please contact the following individuals:

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